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Nursing salaries and benefits: How do you compare?

CVS health registered nurse salaries. 

While pursuing or thinking about entering the nursing field, people want to know about the compensation package before expanding their nursing role, especially for the CVS health registered nursing roles. CVS health Registered nurses generally enjoy generous and good compensation packages along with job security in exchange for their dedicated skills and hard work in delivering patient care. There are various other factors that influence the salary of a CVS health registered nurse.

How much money do CVS health register nurses make?

It is said that CVS health registered nurses, in exchange for their rewarding service and dedicated hard work get generous salary pay and financial benefits. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the median salary of CVS health registered nurses is $73, 300 annually, which is a rough estimation of $35.24 per hour in the year 2019. Registered nurses get competitive salaries or compensation packages, and the new nurses just entering this profession can expect a promising career and job security. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics projection, the career and employment opportunities for registered nurses will continue to grow by around 7% between the years 2019-2029. This career growth can be estimated to be around 220,000 new jobs. This employment opportunity is quicker than the average for all professions.

Several factors can potentially influence the earning potential of a registered nurse. The main element that affects the salary of a CVS health registered nurse is the facility in which they perform their work, along with the location. The average compensation of registered nurses may vary per city and state, although there is an element of uniqueness in an individual nursing position.

Factors That Impact CVS health registered Nursing Salaries


One great factor that impacts the salary of CVS health registered nurses is the educational level. This is why employers employ nursing candidates who have made a degree in BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). It is possible to earn an associate’s degree to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses at the associate level earn a salary package that is lesser than those with a degree in BS and find it challenging to find a suitable job.

The best way to increase earning potential and career advancement is to get a BSN degree. Registered nurses who have already finished their associate’s level need to take special nursing programs offered by many colleges for applying their coursework to earn a BS. This helps registered nurses further their options and education to advance professional growth. Registered nurses can further advance their career opportunities by choosing the field of Nurse Practitioners or Advanced practice registered nurses by completing various programs like the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) program and MSN (Master of Science in Nursing). This is the reason why nurses can increase their salaries by taking more responsibility and showing greater expertise. In 2019, the national median annual salary for nurse practitioners was $115800.

Working environment

CVS health registered nurses can see a great impact on their paycheck depending on the facility type where they work. There is a wide range of settings requiring CVS health registered nurses, such as acute care hospitals, home healthcare, long-term care facilities, and physicians’ office. The type of facility, along with the city/community in which nurses work, has a great significance on their paycheck. The demand and needs of these work environments vary, so the compensation varies accordingly.


As registered nurses progress in their careers, they will find diverse opportunities to show their skillset. This will need more education and training. Nurses can unlock new opportunities for a career by pursuing a specialty and increasing their salary. Following are the common specialized nursing careers-

  • Travel nurse gets an average salary of $78604
  • Oncology nurse gets an average salary of $76480
  • Critical care nurse gets an average salary of $67548
  • Pediatric nurse receives an average salary of $62057
  • Perinatal nurse gets an average salary of $71530
  • Case management nurse gets an average salary of $72905
  • Nurse educator gets an average salary of $76480

Building Your Nursing Career

CVS health registered nurses have lucrative and interesting career opportunities. It is also a demanding and rewarding profession that can create a huge impact on human lives positively. If you are interested in the nursing field and advance your career by choosing the process of a registered nurse, then you have plenty of avenues opened up in front of you to boost your earning opportunity. CVS health registered nurses accelerate their careers and set their journey towards success. Following are the annual nursing Salaries of CVS health registered nurses-

  • $119529 annually is earned by advanced practice registered nurses
  • $92854 annually is earned by clinical nurses
  • $89870 annually is earned by family nurse practitioners
  • A licensed practical nurse earns $27.67 hourly
  • $43328 annually is earned by a licensed vocational nurse
  • $42.85 hourly is the rate for nurses
  • $95422 annually is earned by nurse practitioners
  • $14.59 is the hourly rate of a nursing assistant
  • $71570 annually is earned by registered nurses
  • $94995 annually earned by registered nurse manager

Ways in which CVS health registered nurses make more money.

One rewarding career in the United States is that of a Registered nurse with good scopes for salaries and options for the workplace. The growth rate in jobs is also expected to increase by 16% between 2014-2024, which is higher than the average growth of other professions. CVS registered nurse gets to work in physician’s office, outpatient ambulatory care, nursing facilities, community health agencies, and other work environments. They are certified, and they have the opportunity to earn the maximum salary. They get registered with CVS and get an advanced nursing degree to make more money. They can choose to become NP (nurse practitioner), CNM (certified nurse-midwife), CRNA (Certified registered nurse anesthetist), CNS (clinical nursing specialist), APRN (advanced practice registered nurse).

Registered nurses with doctoral and master’s degrees can become nurse researcher and educator that helps them to climb higher ladders of salary structure. Experienced nurses with vast experience in their specialty areas earn an excellent compensation package. This makes CVS registered nurses get the highest-paying jobs across the country. Other employment opportunities include free housing, travel reimbursement, standard benefits of employment bonuses, health insurance, and contracted nurse salaries.

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