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Confused about how can I roleplay as a nurse?

For most well-performing health institutions, there is a certain defined standard role for the nurses who are carrying an important role among the personal of the health institution. This standard role is set with the motive that the nurses would be able to bring out a situation on healing and caring for patients.

If you are a bit confused about what your role-play would be as a nurse when you will get the profession as your career, then it’s not something alarming. The role-play of a nurse is featured with understanding, trust, respect, being honest, supportive, problem-solver, and reflective thoughts. Most of the hospitals and health institutions have a clear declaration regarding the role-play of the nurses working with them. However, the most important part of a nurse’s main role-play is described below. Along with the desired role-play, there should be a caring source on which can bring out the best interactions among the nurses and patients.


Communication is the most valuable skill for any sort of employee and is made compulsory to have better communicational skills when it comes to employees responsible to deal with clients and customers.  This is the only skill that can further provide a brief on what is the main consideration and what needs to be done next. This is the reason, a nurse should have the best communicational skills as this provides the basis to situations that can provide heal and cure to the patients. For this main reason, the nursing course has an important element of communicational skills to enhance nurse-patient relationships. So, the main and foremost role-play of a nurse is to have effective and efficient skills of communication with patients, their attendants, and other beneficiaries.


Nurses are often asked by the health institutions to have proper listening skills and listen to the patients and their attendants carefully. This is because, if nurses would listen carefully, then they would be able to understand the main issue and problem of the patient and can get with all the required information regarding their problems.

Nurses having better communicational skills are often asked to encourage the patients to share their history, concerns, and terrors so that the best history information can be studied by doctors.

Self-disclosure and trust

At any health institution or hospital, patients are coming from different backgrounds and histories. Most of the patients are not sure if the information they would be providing is safe or would be disclosed to any third person. Not all patients trust others in case of their personal and family history. This is the reason why a nurse should go for self-discloser first to build a better relationship between themselves and their patients. Showing openness, honesty, friendly and mature personality are features of being self-disclosure. Such features encourage patients to control their nervousness and other mental concerns.

Along with self-disclosure, it is important for nurses to develop a relationship full of friendship, and trust. It is, therefore, necessary for nurses to seek ways of dealing with patients to make them speak out, share their life experiences, trust them and feel free. With trust and friendship, nurses can make a better impact on the patient’s thinking level.


Providing respect to patients without any concern of gender, status or other attribute is also a main role-play of the nurses. Nurses should be fair in dealing with patients and hence are asked to deal with each and every patient with care and respect. Personal status, gender, social figures shouldn’t be any concern of nurses when it comes to their professional life. They should provide equal and adequate respect to the patients which can build trust and a friendly relationship, necessary for communication responsible for healing.


Another main feature of nurses’ role-play is being honest with their profession and their patients. Once the patient is able to build a relationship of trust with a nurse, the patient can go beyond the situation and explain their problems and issues. This also enhances the reliability of the patient on the nurse. Once the patient is made aware of the job responsibilities of the nurse with actions, the patient can co-operate in the best possible way with nurses.

Effective Management of Conflicts

Conflicts and severe encounters are usual in any health institution. Nurses being available in the surrounding of such encounters and conflicts are responsible to show quick decision-making and problem-solving to overcome such situations effectively and efficiently. The nurses are asked to deal with every situation with ease, calmness, and situation attainment.


It is more important for a nurse to play a peace-providing role during conflicts and severe encounters. Showing authority and power to patients can cause more harm, instead, nurses are required to show humbleness and use their power and authority to provide ease to patients while controlling their behavior.

Thoughtful judgments

Being judgmental is one of the main things which happens in the workplace. It is important for nurses to have thoughtful judgments which can enhance their efficiency at the workplace instead of making the workplace worse. With thoughtful judgments, nurses can provide ease and comfort to their patients instead of creating more trouble if they had unthoughtful judgments.

Supportive and Harmony

In most situations, patients think and ask for having each and every information regarding their treatment and issue. In such cases, nurses are needed to play a supportive and harmonic role while protecting them from having more tension and hyper and making them feel safe and confident about their own situation. Nurses also play their role in providing available choices to the patient about what is going on and how the patient wants to go through the situation.

Being effective and efficient at worse situations and having effective communication with patients is much important to create a healing situation. Apart from all the above traits and role-plays, one should act more likely to be a therapist to get through the situation and make a better analysis on time for the best possible outcomes.

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