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Can I wash Crocs in Washing Machine?

Fashion is an integral part of our lives. Nothing goes out of fashion, no matter how old it is. We have seen styles returning from the past and becoming popular repeatedly. Similarly, everything can be styled and included in fashion whenever and wherever you want, if you are bold enough. Shoes are an integrated part of fashion, and who doesn’t love shoes? We have a specific term devoted to shoe lovers- ‘sneakerheads.’ And to the sneakerheads, the brand Crocs is not an unheard name. There has been a mass appeal for the crocs throughout the years, and the popularity is still rising day by day. But the saddest part about any shoe is that they become dirty very quickly. No one likes their shoes dirty. We all try to keep our shoes clean at all costs because, after all, we know that our personality is reflected through our shoes. And when we say about cleaning shoes, it’s not an easy job, and sometimes we think of the most obscure ways to clean out shoes in lesser time. You may also have thought of cleaning your crocs in the washing machine, but is it safe for the crocs? Let’s dive deeper to find out.

What are Crocs?

Crocs is an international shoe brand that is very popular throughout the world. They have their outlets in every major city in every country. But we are not talking about the brand but the type of shoe they are famous for. The type of shoe is foam clog shoe, but they are so popular by the name of their brand that people, in general, call the shoes- crocs. Crocs are made of croslite material that is durable and waterproof. Crocs first appeared in 2001 and were meant to be a fishing shoe. Gradually they became more popular among teenagers in middle school and high school. Later, many celebrities were spotted wearing these shoes that gave these the ‘branded’ tag. Their popularity skyrocketed in the fashion industry so much that many small brands started copying the design and making their own cheaper versions of crocs. It has been 21 years since they came out, but their appeal has never gone out cold. Simplicity and comfortability with uniqueness make crocs so popular that you can incorporate them in every style you want.

Can crocs be washed in a washing machine?

People are confused about whether they can wash their crocs in the washing machine or not. The official website advises people against washing crocs in a washing machine. But where there is a myth, there are myth-busters on the internet to prove nothing is impossible.

What does the official website of crocs say?

The official website states that you should avoid washing machines as the heat may damage the shoes. Crocs are made of croslite polymers, which may shrink when they contact heat. The cushion liners may get damaged or stretched. They recommend that you clean your crocs using lukewarm or cold water mixed with gentle soap and then rub them with a cloth. You can use a brush to remove the excess dirt and debris. After that, they recommend airdrying the shoe.

Do not use any soap for leather crocs, and don’t drench them in water. Rather gently clean them with a damp cloth or sponge and when dried, use a leather cream to add shine and restore the softness of the leather. You can use wax shoe cream and brush to do the job.

What do the myth-busters say?

People on the internet are always there to find loopholes. This case is no exception. Many individuals have tested with their pair of crocs in a washing machine, and what they found was that heating at more than 30°C damages the croslite polymer of the crocs and makes them shrink. So, the best way is to maintain the temperature by washing the shoes in the washing machine’s ‘gentle wash’ mode. Never use the washing machine’s dryer. Rather leave the shoes out in the open air to dry them.

How to wash crocs in a washing machine?

Use a gentle soap. Harsh soap may damage the material of the crocs. If you are washing only a pair of shoes, first put them in a special washing bag, then put them in the machine. This is to ensure that friction does not damage the crocs. If you don’t have a washing bag, use a pillow cover instead. Adjust the temperature of the washing machine at 30°C. If the temperature reaches 40°C, the shoes will get deformed, so be very cautious about the temperature.

If you have several pairs of crocs and do not have a big enough bag, put all the shoes together in the washing machine with two or three cloth towels to prevent friction.

If you have fuzzy crocs, meaning the type of crocs that have woolly padding or lining inside for better comfort, never put the crocs along with the lining in the washing machine because the lining may get shredded or damaged. Remove the lining from the crocs and wash it separately with a brush and gentle soap to remove dirt.

After washing and drying white crocs add some varnish and clean them gently to retain the color and shine. Wipe them with white paper to remove any stain.


Soap and water are two of the most harmful factors for leather. Leather crocs are never meant to be put in the washing machine. Rub them with a damp cloth. Apply wax or leather cream to maintain the softness.

The wedges of the crocs are the dirtiest part as most of the dirt resides there. Use a brush to clean the area thoroughly. But the thing to be most careful of is the glue. If the glue gets removed, the sole will get detached.

There is one limitation about washing machines themselves. Never put your crocs in a top-loading washing machine. The blade inside such type of machine will disfigure your crocs. Always put your shoes in a front-loading washer. Also, check for any possibility for objects present in the washer that can be hazardous.

The most important part is to air dry the crocs and never use the built-in dryer of the washer. The heat will damage the crocs.


Now you know the limitations and techniques of washing crocs in the washing machine. You can follow these instructions without any hesitation. Or if you are too afraid to do so, there are always manual cleaning methods. Nonetheless, read the warranty claims on their website if the worse happens.

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