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Can a nurse diagnose a patient?

The diagnosis by nurses has been a term of constant confusion for most people. It has developed a matter of discussion in the past years. Diagnosis means that a judgment has to be given to the patient for the medical condition faced by the individual. The medical situation must be properly analyzed before making a final judgment on the condition. So there can be a question of whether nurses can do this process by themselves? Such diagnosis can be performed by individuals who are licensed for the same. It is not right to use this word since there can be different forms of diagnosis. Nurses do not have any restrictions to make the diagnosis for addressing the wounds. The nurse can perform such a diagnosis without any supervision of a superior. They are free to carry out such forms of diagnosis for the patients.

More insights on nursing diagnosis

The diagnosis done by nursing has no special significance in the medical field. This is mainly because the nurse and the doctor do all the necessary entries in the chart sheets of the patients in the same way. If the nurse is required to make a diagnosis, it will be performed under the supervision of a chief physician. The concept of the diagnosis done by the nurses tends to bring confusion, but it is accepted legally. There can be problems when the nurse does not try to understand the concept and tends to make a diagnosis to the patient.

When a patient gets admitted after the prior diagnosis by a registered physician for heart failure, the nurse’s diagnosis will be to advise bed rest for the same. So the diagnosis done by the nurse tends to complement the initial diagnosis that is done by the practitioner and hence clears the confusion. Conflicts are likely to arise when the responses entered by the practitioner and the nurse are different. Therefore, the patient suffers due to confusion.

How can nursing diagnosis help?

It will be better to implement a nursing diagnosis to decide the type of care required for the patient. Most of the plans are decided after the consideration of the patient’s health condition. Although it can be a tiring task, it is a powerful tool that helps to ensure the patient’s safety and ensure a better recovery for the patient. They are useful for the nurses, too, in the same way as the nurses.

A nursing diagnosis comprises a problem and its required statement that defines the characteristics and the risk causing factors that helps in better assessing the patient’s condition for the physician. These statements are made after the assessment of the health condition of the patient. Further, they can help in these ways:

  • Help to offer care to the patient
  • Ensure the safety of the patient
  • Provide a good amount of reimbursement from the health insurance for the patient

Are the registered nurses allowed to make the medical diagnosis?

The registered nurses do not have the option to make medical diagnoses for the patients. The registered nurses are only allowed to make the diagnosis statements that add up to the diagnosis given by the licensed practitioner. The nursing diagnosis statements mean the judgments that can be released in response to the patient’s health condition. They also help the patients to receive better health care. It helps the nurses to observe the patient from a larger perspective.

Types of statements in nursing diagnosis

These are the statements that are commonly used in the diagnosis by the nurses:

  • Problem-focused diagnosis: It is one of the common statements done by the nurses. This form of diagnosis is done when the patient remains in the same state of medical situation. Here the statement is written to focus on the symptoms that the patient has developed over time.
  • Risk nursing diagnosis: It is a type of diagnosis performed by the nurse when the patient needs attention, and a medical problem is likely to arise. Here the nursing diagnosis involves a clear reasoning judgment.
  • Health promotion diagnosis: It is a diagnosis performed by the nurses and assesses the complete well-being of the patient
  • Syndrome diagnosis: These refer to the nursing diagnosis made by the nurses through the earlier interventions.

All you need to know about the nursing care plans

Most of the plans are designed to incorporate giving medicines to patients and care after the completion of the treatment. These nursing plans can be formal and informal. Informal plans are those that are made by registered nurses that mention the plan of action. These plans can be generated by the computer or can be written manually. It contains information that concerns the health of the patient. Most of these plans take care of the daily needs of the patient. Apart from the informal plans, the nurse can make customized plans to address the specific health needs of the patient.

How are nurse practitioners different from registered nurses?

Nurse practitioners have the opportunity to take their nursing profession to an advanced level. It also leads to the development of their skills and knowledge in the nursing field. They are also given a choice to advise and prescribe medicines as health practitioners. The registered nurses have an opportunity to request an investigation in the diagnosis in emergencies. Nurse practitioners have a wider opportunity to get advanced education in fields in medical care and get the required specialization in the medical field.


Usually, the medical diagnosis is given by physicians or other licensed practitioners. The efforts put by the nurses add to the initial screening done by the practitioner. The registered nurses are not allowed to make a medical diagnosis. The nursing diagnosis done by the nurses does not serve as an alternative to the medical diagnosis that has to be performed by the health practitioners. However, they have immense opportunities to gain the required knowledge that helps them to extend their practice and enhance their nursing career. The nurses giving out the medical statements also hold a significant position since it can ensure the better health of the patient. These diagnoses help form a customized plan for the patient that helps them recover from their current health condition and get back to their original condition quickly. So the nurses have a good opportunity at hand to gain more insights into their nursing career.

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