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why do surgeons wear clogs?

Ever tried to stand in a single place for an hour or tried to walk for 10 kilometers straight without any stop. Surgeons do it often on their every surgical day. Sometimes their presence in the operation theatre crosses half a day that is twelve hours. For a long time, their feet and legs give them extreme pain. To avoid this, they wear clogs which provide them with some sort of comfort and in this way they can perform the surgery in a better way. Here are some detailed reasons why surgeons wear clogs: –

1- Comfort

Comfort is the first and most important thing that a doctor needs. There could be no compromise in the comfort part and clogs also stand out. The clogs don’t have a solid sole, and neither are they rough. The soles of these clogs are soft and lean so that the foot places itself in the best way possible. The doctors can also customize them according to their foot size. They can add massage bumps or some elevation etc.

One may think that how can a clog be comfortable? But this question will strike him a lot when he wears the clogs for more than two or three hours. He will surely realize its importance. Only due to comfort issues, clog manufacturers offer a free return if their customers aren’t satisfied.

2- Reduction in back pain

The spinal cord is one of the most reflexive organs of our body, but it also requires care. When surgeons stand during surgery for straight 7-8 hours, the position of the bones in the spinal cord changes and deviates from their normal positions, which becomes the reason for muscular pain and sprain. The relative position of feet calls the deviation. When a person stands, the feet provide a great cushioning effect, and if the shoes are not that good or don’t have good comfort, problems arise. For these reasons, clogs are made highly comfortable, and they avoid jerky movement as well and ultimately helping the spinal health better.

3- Easy to clean and disinfect

How can someone not talk about hygiene when talking about the medical fields and doctors. If he is ignoring hygiene, he is certainly committing a big medical crime! Doctors are very much sensitive towards the issue of hygiene because they know that if any of their instruments or clothing is unhygienic, then it can attract small microorganisms that can harm the patient’s life. Sometimes they can prove fatal as well. Suppose A cardiologist is performing a surgery and spilling bodily fluids like blood, bile, etc. The spill will surely leave stamps on doctors’ clothing. Clogs are easy to clean and disinfect, which makes it the choice of doctors. Clogs are not like regular shoes made of cotton woolen material that are very hard to clean and disinfect. They are autoclave compatible (Autoclave compatible means they can be cleaned through the steam sterilization process). Regular shoes are incompatible with Autoclaving.

4- Easy to wear

One of the most important aspects of surgery is timely action. In an emergency where every second counts, if the doctor starts to wear normal shoes, it will take him nearly 90 to 120 seconds to wear, and these seconds may be crucial for the patient’s life. He may be hanging between the events of life and death. Hence the clogs come here helpful; they are so easy to wear that it takes only 30 seconds at maximum for a doctor because there aren’t any back parts in the clogs as well where people strive and take time. Also, there are no laces, so the time taken to make laces clear is also saved. Here we can easily see the time advantage of 60 seconds, which may be critical for the patients. That’s why doctors prefer clogs over regular shoes.

5- Protection from bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms

Any foreign particle in the operation theatre is a sign of danger. Because of this reason, doctors avoid taking unnecessary things into the Operation Theatre. Clogs are minimalist designed; hence they don’t have laces that can be the carriers and home of microorganisms. Therefore, just by wearing clogs, a potential danger of microorganisms is avoided.

6- Durability

One feels comfortable only in his own shoes. What If one tries to change his shoes every day? Will he be comfortable in that? No, he won’t be. That’s why people spend more money buying long-lasting, durable shoes. Doctors also prefer clogs because they are stable and durable as well. Clogs have been designed so that they hold off hours of continuous surgical procedures. Therefore, the sole of clogs easily wears out, but it is made of good quality material that easily survives one or two years. So, doctors are comfortable in their own clogs and perform the surgeries without any minute impediments or obstructions.

7- Feet Protection 

Classical clogs are very different from surgical clogs. There are small holes in the upper side in classical clogs, whereas it is not the case with surgical clogs. This is because the blood or bodily fluid spilling out on feet can cause Infections during the surgery, similar to the patients. Suppose the patient is HIV positive, then the doctor’s life comes into play. Due to these reasons, there are no openings in the upper part of the surgical clogs. On the other side, it restricts the ventilation process, but the feet protection is secured at the same time.

8- Color of the clog

This feature varies from Doctor to Doctor, depending upon their discretion. But it is important. Surgical clogs are mainly found in two color options, dark and light. Each has its own benefits and uses.

Dark-colored clogs are favored by doctors who prefer to visit the surgical wards. Because they have to walk often, dirt is not visible in the dark color. Also, after the sterilization process, the sign of wearing off is not as visible on dark-colored clogs as the light ones.

Light-colored clogs are preferred in the operation theatre because on them, the blood or fluids spilled is easily visible and hence can be cleaned and disinfected easily, without any chance of leaving out.

These were some points that show how important clogs are for a doctor. One may initially think that clogs are just a type of shoe and how their presence can impact surgical procedures, but after reading this article, he will respect doctors and clogs.

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