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Are Dansko shoes good for high arches? 

What are Dansko shoes?

Dansko is a well-known brand that is popular for supporting clogs. It has been loved for over twenty years by teachers, nurses, chefs, and healthcare professionals. We provide you a great variety of options to choose from, such as sandals, heels, boots, flats, hiking shoes, and wedges. We make comfortable shoes with high quality, soft and flexible materials. Dansko women’s professional clogs are new models that are currently available in the market.

What is a high arch?

High arched feet is a condition where the foot arch moves from the ball of the foot to the heel. Arch of the foot acts as shock absorption during walking, running, standing, and jumping. If the arch is high, there will be stress on the ball and heel of your foot, as well as less absorption on impact. Your joints and muscles of the back and limb also feel more stress.

High arches need more attention as they can predispose people to discomfort. It is an anatomical malformation in which a person has medical plantar arches that is higher than normal. It is a neurological condition. You can’t change it since this situation is usually hereditary. The feasible way to achieve comfort in the most affordable and best possible means is to wear comfortable shoes that provide the required support. Normal arches are different from high arches as they can handle the strain and stress on their way, while high arches signify that the weight of your body is not distributed properly.

What are the best shoes for people with high arches?

It is challenging to choose the correct shoe for high arches that can give adequate support. But with Dansko professional shoes, you need not worry any further. It is a renowned brand that is famous for high arches and gives comfort with high-quality shoes. It is best suitable for nurses who need to stand on their feet for hours. Here, Leather is used to make the upper part of shoes, while polyurethane is required to make a rocker bottom that works amazingly to absorb shock.

Features of Dansko shoes

  • Provides great comfort and stability
  • It has a slip-on design which makes these shoes quite simple
  • You can pull them effortlessly
  • A padded collar helps to prevent irritation and discomfort
  • Arch support
  • APMA certified shoes
  • Promotes good health of your feet
  • You get a toe box with great width
  • Material used is breathable and promotes good outflow as well as inflow of air
  • Outer sole is made slip resistanct prevent slipping and accidents.

Pros of using Dansko shoes

  • You get proper support and stability
  • You can easily clean them
  • Easy to maintain
  • Classy look and has an aesthetic appeal
  • Wide variety of colors is available


  • The material used in Dansko isn’t breathable
  • Can be uncomfortable if worn for long hours since the soles are very hard
  • The size chart is not correct, so it is recommended to buy one size smaller than the usual ones
  • People who are accustomed to soft shoes may find Dansko shoes rigid, stiff, and uncomfortable to wear

 Why do healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and surgeons having high arches wear Dansko shoes?

The Healthcare industry prefers Dansko shoes because they are from a profession that requires them to stand on their feet for long hours. So they need to stand comfortably. Nurses having high arches need this shoe to provide maximum support and comfort to their feet. Dansko has professional arched features and makes it possible for you to stand comfortably on your feet for a prolonged time. Not only are they comfortable but also stylish in their looks.

What makes Dansko shoes best for high arches?

 Size –Dansko produces shoes that fit you perfectly. Purchase a size that fits you perfectly; otherwise, it will worsen your feet problems. The shoes are flexible and conform to the foot.

Arch support to your feet– Dansko shoes are constructed with such versatile features that help distribute your weight evenly, thereby reducing the pressure on your feet. People with high arches wear them to reduce foot pain and sprain. Shoes that have arch support allow you to stand for long hours on your feet without any discomfort.

Slip resistance – Dansko shoes fit the contours of your feet naturally. They are slip-resistant since they are constructed with a mild rocker outsole. It helps to prevent an accident with the inbuilt features of an anti-slip outer sole. This makes your working environment safe for you.

Cushioning –Nurses and individuals with high arches should wear shoes with proper cushions. Dansko shoes add comfort by providing antistatic cushioning inserts, which helps in shock absorption.

Flexible- Dansko shoes are flexible. The rigidity of your foot is balanced if you wear them. If you wear stiff and rigid shoes in this condition, then your problem may worsen with time.

Shape– Dansko shoes are curved shaped to easily accommodate the shoe and work best for high arches. It allows pronation of the foot and avoids additional obstacles.

Material of product- Dansko shoes are built with breathable material, which promotes a good flow of air. It helps to prevent odor and sweating. Now you can stand easily on your feet without causing discomfort to your feet. Your toes get ample space to move freely without being squished.

What does the Dansko shoe contain?

  • Leather/fabric uppers
  • Wide heel strike to provide maximum stability
  • Padded instep collar for greater comfort while walking.
  • Reinforced and secured toe box with space for toes.
  • Rocker bottom on PU outsole to propel foot forward and absorb shock.

Being made of polyurethane foam footbed, these shoes are quite breathable, prevents overheating, helps in temperature regulation, and avoids overheating.


This brand is loved by all as its shoe fits properly, provides great arch support,

lots of space for your toes to spread out and not be squished.

Dansko clogs are quite heavy, so you must give time to get used to this product. In the beginning, it may feel more stiff and rigid.

With all these features that Dansko provides you, now you can figure out that this footwear is designed to address the needs of nurses, workers, individuals in the health industry for providing support to high arches.

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