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Alabama Board of Medicine – License Lookup and Renewal for AL

If you are a medical professional, it is important to know how to access your AL license lookup. The Board of Medicine website has easy-to-use tools to search for your license. It also has information about CME requirements, password requirements, and more. To use this website, you must have an active AL license and be at least 21 years old. To get a license lookup, enter the AL license number in the search box and click the “search” button.

Medical License

You’ve poured many hours and dollars into getting your education and training, but it’s still not enough to get your medical license in Alabama. It is not only necessary to have a high GPA and an Ivy League education to be eligible for the license, but you must have completed at least three years of residency before applying. There are specific guidelines to follow and an application that asks for personal information and details about your job. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to provide a photo of yourself and a color photograph. Then, you’ll have to submit fingerprint cards.

If you’ve surrendered your license, you’ll need to apply for reinstatement. This process is a bit different than applying for a license in Alabama. The board can decide that a physician or osteopath is in violation of Alabama’s laws. If they agree with the reinstatement application, they’ll send it to the Medical Licensure Commission. This process will require a hearing in the Medical Licensure Commission, which will take place under the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act. Generally, you must file an application at least five years after the license revocation takes effect.

CME requirements

Every year, physicians are required to complete 25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit for continuing medical education. Physicians cannot carry over credits from the previous year. The credits must be earned between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the same year. Physicians may earn partial credit for ABMS certification or select peer review. They may also earn CME credits through service as a preceptor. The first renewal of a physician’s license is exempt from Alabama Board of Medicine CME requirements if they complete an orientation program.

To meet the state’s requirements: 

  • Physicians must complete 30 hours of Category 1 CME activities and 45 hours of Category 2 ACCME-approved CME activities.
  • Physicians who practice opioid and pain management must complete three hours of Controlled Substances CME.
  • Physicians must also maintain a minimum of 60 Category 1 CME credits annually to remain in good standing.
  • The Alabama Board of Medicine has updated its CME requirements.
  • Physicians should confirm the details on their state’s website to stay up to date.
  • A physician may earn CME credits from participating in ABOG MOC activities.
  • CME credits earned in one calendar year may also be counted toward other boards.
  • Starting in 2016, ABOG began a two-year pilot program to award CME credits.
  • High performers in the MOC requirements will be eligible for exemption from the recertification examination. However, physicians may choose to take the program for a longer time if they want to stay current in the medical field.
  • A physician must complete at least 25 Category 1 AMA PRA Category 1 hours every five years to remain in good standing.
  • Physicians must participate in at least 20 ABA-approved Patient Safety CMEs each year.
  • Physicians may opt to do a Self Assessment CME as part of their continuing medical education.
  • Once they have passed the Continuous Certification Assessment, they can apply up to 70 CME credits to their certificate.
  • The ABEM recommends that doctors complete at least one MOC activity every two years.

While all physicians must complete CME, some states have specific requirements. For instance, physicians in Mississippi must complete 40 Category 1 CME hours per renewal. However, if a physician has more than one license, he or she can carry over the extra hours to the next renewal period. Further, primary care physicians need to complete 2 hours of Category 1 CME in chronic pain management and end-of-life care every five years.

Password requirements

To perform a license lookup and renewal, all you need to do is log in to the board’s website. You will need your Social Security number and license number to complete the request. After you have logged in, click the Forgot Password link and change your password. If you forget your password, you can reset it here. Otherwise, you can change it later. The new address for the board will be 250 Washington Street in Boston, and you can expect a new password and log in.

When attempting to perform an Alabama license lookup and renewal, you will need your license number and prefix. These numbers should be a minimum of eight characters long. They should be single-digit numbers without leading zeros, colons, or spaces. Then, you can enter the state in which you practice. In addition to your state, you will need to enter your address and phone number if you have a business in Alabama.

Name and license number searches

You can easily conduct a name and license number searches for Alabama medical professionals. These records can help you find out whether or not a doctor is licensed in the state. The site also provides information about public actions against physicians. For example, if a physician has received a suspension or revocation of their license, you can find out what the circumstances were. You can also download a copy of the disciplinary action documents.

There are several ways to do an online name and license number search for physicians in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Public Health regulates medical professionals, including hospitals and doctors. The board is also aware of nurses working in health care facilities. To perform an online search, go to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners website. Using the site is free and easy, and it will give you all the license details you need to know.

If you have multiple licenses in different states, you can always apply for licensure by endorsement. It’s a good idea to transfer your license to your new home state before it expires. Otherwise, you can still practice on your Alabama license until your new NLC is issued. When transferring your license, you must also change your legal permanent residence state. The new board may request additional documentation.

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