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Should You Wear Crocs In Public? This Is How Tenants

Should anyone ever wear Crocs in public?

The love affair between people and Crocs is sweet and sour. One party thinks they are downright ugly, while another thinks they are comfortable. And the opinion is divided among style experts or fashionistas as well.

Whether you love or hate them, you have probably owned a pair of Crocs before. This all-rubber clog has made its mark in the market ever since its initial launch in 2002. You will find Crocs literally everywhere (even in places you least expect).

This brings us to the million-dollar question: “Should you wear Crocs out in the open?”

The answer here is both yes and no. There are no hard and fast rules that you cannot wear them out in the sun. And none says you should.

Nevertheless, we will share both sides of the story here. Why should you wear them? Why should you not wear them? Keep reading below and find out.

Crocs: Why you should not wear them in public

Let us first outline why you should not wear Crocs in public. This is probably one of the golden rules for many style aficionados. Go to YouTube and look up one of those “Top ten style tips to avoid in public” and similar videos.

But they do not go in-depth about their argument. Hence, it is up to us to let you know. Following are the primary reasons why people hate wearing them in public.

  • They look less appealing.

You can instantly recognize when someone is wearing Crocs from a mile away. They have that unique, almost dome-shaped toe profile. And who can forget those holes and adjustable ankle straps?

It turns out this look is not for everyone. Many people think that Crocs look ugly when worn outside. For them, these flip-flops, or all flip-flops in general, only belong to your home or beaches.

They can even make your feet look sloppy. So, you would want to stick to your lightweight sneakers if you love your feet.

  • Crocs are bad for your feet.

Aside from making them look ugly, Crocs are also hazardous for your feet. The rubber and plastic texture is notorious for blisters.

Moreover, with all the holes in the uppers, you are exposed to dust and debris. Sharp bits and pieces have easy access to these holes and could harm your feet.

Plus, you will get tired after a long walk in Crocs. They do not offer much in terms of stability which makes them unacceptable in many people’s books.

  • You can’t involve Crocs with activities.

Aside from taking short strolls, Crocs are not ideal for multiple activities. Whether you’re out jogging, in an office setting, or just casually hanging out, Crocs won’t do.

They do not serve their purpose in any activities that involve you rushing around. So, you can set them aside for less rigorous activities at home or on the beach.

  • They make your feet stink.

Smelly feet are an issue with Crocs. And it’s no surprise as they are made of rubber.

The holes in the upper don’t do much in keeping the stink away. Your soles will get sweaty after some time, leaving you with smelly feet all day.

  • They don’t go with most outfits.

Because of the way they look, you can’t pair Crocs with many outfits. We are used to seeing sneakers with jeans or suits with loafers, etc. But what happens when you interchange those outfits with Crocs?

Yes, they look outrageous. You can’t even pair them with sweatpants during a workout. And forget about wearing them to church or office.

  • Crocs are overpriced

For cheaply made footwear, you would think Crocs would cost the same. But you end up spending $30-$40 on a pair.

Instead, you can buy a pair of durable slip-on sneakers for the same price. They will look better when you wear them in public anyway. And you would also want to stay away from those “limited edition” or “special” pairs.

  • Durability is an issue.

It is never a safe option to wear slippers out in public. What would you do if they accidentally break or tear? Yes, this has happened a lot with Crocs.

The “support” straps break in untimely situations. Plus, there are no insoles or supports aside from the rubber material. And if you wear them out often, they will start to crack and tear on you.

Save yourself the embarrassment and settle for some walking shoes instead.

Crocs: Why you can wear them in public

Now, we will focus our attention on the good side of wearing Crocs in public. Below are a few points why people love wearing them.

  • They are convenient

For many, Crocs are convenient as you can take them on and off in an instant. There are no messy laces to untie, no straps to unbutton, etc.

Crocs are a lifesaver when you’re outside and need to relieve your feet from the stress. You can stay barefooted while lying idle, which can also prevent less smelly feet.

  • Cleaning them is easy.

The rubber material of Crocs makes it easy to clean them. If you happen to get mud or “something else” on your Crocs, you can wash it away quickly. They also won’t absorb any of the dirt.

Unlike canvas or leather, they will dry up quite easily as well. And you don’t have to worry about walking around or turning up with damp feet.

  • They are lightweight

Wearing Crocs is like next to wearing nothing. An average pair weighs anywhere between 11 and 15 ounces. This makes them ideal for walking or running around outside.

They even have a soft footbed that increases the weightlessness. Some even suggest that you can wear them while sleeping because you won’t feel a thing.

  • Crocs are slip-resistant

Have you ever slipped and fallen in public? Yes, we all have, and it is embarrassing and painful.

With Crocs, slipping isn’t an issue. Crocs have excellent traction and grip, which prevents you from slipping. So, you can walk or run all you want out there. Your Crocs won’t be a problem.

  • They are trendy

Despite the hate, Crocs are embraced by many because they are trendy. You can see top celebs wearing them in public without a care in the world. And this leads to a rise in the trend of wearing Crocs outdoors.

Besides, these famous stars know the paparazzi are constantly monitoring them. Yet, they still choose to wear them and make them fashionable. So, if the big names can pull it off in public, what are you waiting for?

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s a stalemate between whether you should wear Crocs in public or not. It’s totally up to you to decide whether they are convenient for the outdoors. You can give them a try and see how it feels.

If you like the look and feel, go ahead and wear them. If you don’t, save them for your beach trips. We have listed the good and the bad here. We hope that helps you decide whether or not you want to keep wearing them in public.

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