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Rhode Island Board of Medicine – License Lookup and Renewal

To start your career as a physician assistant, you will first need to get your license from the Rhode Island Board of Medicine. You can obtain this license by completing a physician assistant training program. If you are a graduate of an approved program, you must have a current certificate issued by the NCCPA. Additionally, you will need to renew your license every two years. To keep your license active, you must pay additional fees and meet specific continuing education requirements.


The state of Rhode Island is one of the highest-paid nurses, and the state has the highest nursing population per 100,000 residents. The state has worked to implement the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine, and the Nurse Registration and Nursing Education Board administer licensing and renewal procedures for nurses in the state. Nurses may apply online or contact the office for more information.

When applying for a license, remember that your primary state of residence and federal tax returns will be recognized. Some states require that you meet a minimum number of clinical hours or complete a certain number of CEUs every four years. Lastly, don’t violate privacy laws or violate the policies of your employer. Inadequate compliance with these regulations can lead to disciplinary actions, civil suits, and criminal charges.

Physician assistants

The Physician Assistants license is governed by section 216-RICR-40-05-24.6, pertaining to licensure. Upon completing the license application and payment of the renewal fee, an individual is issued a certificate of licensure. The certificate expires on the thirtieth (30th) day of June of odd-numbered years. To renew the certificate, the individual must submit a renewal application and renewal fee.

The license lookup will show basic information such as the license number and expiration date, educational background, and medical school. You will also be able to see any public actions taken against the license and if any of them were withdrawn. The license renewal must be completed within 16 weeks, and the applicant must pay additional fees and meet specific continuing education requirements. The Rhode Island Board of Medicine license lookup is a valuable resource for any aspiring physician assistant.


Veterinary license renewal is required every two years, so it’s important to check your current license before the expiration date. The state’s Department of Health website can help you renew your license online. It is accredited by The Joint Commission, so you can be assured that the information you find is current and accurate. In addition to obtaining license renewal information online, the Rhode Island Board of Medicine will also give you information on the conditions of continuing education.

The veterinary license certificate expires on the first day of May of each even-numbered year. If you’re licensed in the state, you’ll be able to renew it through the department. The renewal process takes a few minutes, and it’s easy to find out whether or not you’re licensed. You can also search by state and license type. In the state of Rhode Island, a veterinarian’s license expires every two years.

Foreign LPNs

If your credentials are considered equivalent to those required for licensure in Rhode Island, you can apply for a foreign LPN license. To do this, you must show that you have completed high school or equivalent nursing coursework in a government-approved school. To make sure your nursing coursework is acceptable, have it evaluated by a professional organization recognized by the board. The next step is to enroll in an approved nursing program. You can then begin the process of gaining licensure in Rhode Island.

To become a licensed medical practitioner in Rhode Island, you must first apply for a license. You can find information on how to apply online and how to renew your license online. The Rhode Island Department of Health website is an excellent resource for license renewals and license lookups. It meets the high standards set forth by The Joint Commission for accreditation. It also provides easy-to-use tools for licensing renewal and verification.

CPD Waiver Requests

Depending on the state of your license, you might be required to complete continuing professional development (CPD) hours as part of your renewal and license lookup process. In Rhode Island, you must complete 40 hours of Category 1 CME credits each licensure cycle (which is the first July to June 30). These CME credits should relate to the current needs of the public. However, please note that CME state requirements change frequently. COVID-19 may have changed the requirements.

Physicians who wish to obtain a waiver should be prepared to present a written explanation of why they were unable to complete the CPD requirements during their last renewal cycle. The waiver application must also include a listing of all CPD credit hours earned, as well as a written plan of how to fulfill the requirements in the future. Some valid reasons may include prolonged illness of the licensee or inaccessibility of CPD programs. You can download the form and complete it online. However, please note that the information on the board’s website is subject to change. You can check the regulations at 243 CMR 2.00 for any recent updates.


To reactivate your medical license in Rhode Island, you must first get a letter from the state. The letter must state your reason for reactivation and state your previous license number. Then, you must submit your reinstatement application to the board. The board will review your reinstatement application at its regular monthly meeting. To apply for reinstatement, you must complete a specific online form and SPEX test. The reactivation fee is $180. There are other fees related to verification of your license and a returned check fee of $25.

A reactivation application should be submitted by a physician who had a medical license in Rhode Island previously. The application must document that the physician has completed 40 hours of continuing medical education. The AOA stipulates that physicians complete 40 hours of continuing medical education annually. Continuing education must cover topics of current concern determined by the Rhode Island Department of Health. Topics may include Cultural Awareness, Risk Management, and Antimicrobial Stewardship.


If your license has been suspended or revoked, you may be eligible for reinstatement through the state. However, the process of reinstatement can be complicated, especially if the license was suspended because of negligence. An attorney can assist you in pursuing a reinstatement of your state license and any other privileges that have been suspended. An attorney can help you build the strongest case for reinstatement, demonstrating your dedication to your professional career.

The process of reinstatement involves several stages. The first stage involves a hearing in which the physician will testify, and the state’s Board of Professional Medical Conduct will present a prosecutor. The board may also produce its own witnesses and documents to support its case. In addition to the physician’s testimony, the patient will be asked to provide the date of Authorization for Release of Medical Records. Once this step is complete, the physician’s lawyer will be able to cross-examine the witnesses or ask questions about the alleged conduct.

The next step in the reinstatement process is to satisfy the terms of the suspension. A license suspension may last from a week to a year. The suspension process may require the practitioner to surrender a physical license to the state board’s office. During this time, the license holder cannot practice medicine. Once the suspension period expires, however, the license will automatically be restored. Revocation can also take years to process.

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