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Indiana Board of Medicine – License Lookup and Renewal for Indiana Physicians

As a physician in Indiana, your license is regulated by the Indiana Board of Medicine. However, there are many different types of licenses in Indiana, such as physical therapists, veterinarians, and physician assistants. Depending on your specialty, you may need different license renewal forms for each type of professional license. Here are some of the most common license renewal forms for Indiana physicians.


A physician’s license in Indiana expires on October 31 every odd year. A physician’s license can be renewed or looked up online. The fee to apply for a license varies from state to state. Each state’s requirements, fees, and timeframes vary. The primary source of information required by the state is the physician’s medical school or postgraduate training program. The process also varies depending on the volume and workload of the Indiana Board of Medicine.

During the renewal process, a physician must appear before the Board. Depending on the situation, an individual may appear before the full Board or a committee of board members. The purpose of this hearing is to answer questions from board members. If the licensee is denied, they can answer questions directly. However, if an individual is required to appear in court, they may want to hire counsel. Counsel can assist them in answering difficult questions and focusing on their profession.

Individual board websites provide renewal instructions. If a license is active, an individual can renew it online through “MyLicense.” However, an expired license may have to be renewed through a paper renewal. It is important to update contact information with IPLA, as inaccurate contact information can prevent important communications from reaching the licensee. Whether renewing online or by mail depends on the professional license in question.

While doctors have high stress and demanding jobs, drinking alcohol and using drugs are dangerous. Getting a DUI can result in serious consequences. A physician who has been convicted of driving under the influence may find it difficult to obtain a license, get car insurance, or practice medicine. Additionally, if a physician fails to disclose a DUI, the licensing Board can revoke the license. Therefore, it is critical to disclose any past problems with alcohol and substance abuse.


If you are a physician in Indiana, you must complete at least 50 hours of approved CME during the last two years. To be eligible for license renewal, you must have completed these CME hours at a provider approved by the Board. The Board requires you to complete at least 2 hours of CME on opioid prescribing or opioid abuse. Continuing education requirements are subject to change. To learn more about Indiana’s CME requirements, sign up for the AMA Ed Hub’s alerts.

If you have a retired license, you should consider returning to practice. If you are currently retired, you are not required to complete CME, but you can still care for your immediate family. To reactivate your license, you must complete your CME requirements for the previous biennial licensure period and obtain professional liability insurance. The Board will renew your license for you if you meet all the requirements.

You should also be aware of the continuing medical education requirements. The state requires that all licensed healthcare practitioners earn at least 20 credits each year. These CMEs must be AMA PRA Category 1 ™ courses. Those seeking to renew their license in Indiana should also attend CME courses related to preventing medical errors. However, there are exceptions. For example, doctors who practice primary care must complete a domestic violence course every two years. Those who practice in Louisiana must take a mandatory one-time board orientation course.

To obtain CME credits for the Indiana Board of Medicine renewal, you can log your credits online. Simply enter the number of CME credits you’ve received and submit them to the Indiana Board of Medicine. If you haven’t completed your CME requirements, you can apply for a refund for any unearned credits. If you haven’t already obtained your license, you can still renew yours by logging your credits and submitting your renewal application.


A veterinarian must renew their license every two years in order to practice in the state. In order to renew their license, veterinarians must submit to fingerprinting and state background checks. A recent law, Senate Bill 363, passed by the Indiana legislature, requires all licensed professionals to complete criminal background checks. If a veterinarian is found guilty of certain offenses, his or her license may be suspended or revoked.

There are several ways to find out if a veterinarian is licensed in Indiana. The first step is to visit the Indiana Board of Medicine’s website. The website allows veterinarians to search for their licenses and renew their current licenses. This is an online tool that makes the process simple and straightforward. You can also check to see if a veterinarian is registered with the DEA. Regardless of which method you choose, you should only use this service if you have a current license.

There are several reasons to renew your veterinarian’s license in Indiana. First, you must have a degree in veterinary medicine or be a registered veterinary technician. The state board of veterinary medicine requires veterinarians to have an accredited veterinary technology program. Additionally, veterinarians must have good reputations. A letter from the dean of your veterinary school is not sufficient, as you must provide proof of graduation in order to practice in Indiana. A valid PAVE or ECFVG certificate is also required.

Physical Assistants

To legally practice as a Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C), a licensed Physical Assistant (PA) must complete a series of elements, including national certification, recertification examination, continuing medical education, and hospital credentialing. These elements all require renewal on different timetables. The license for a PA can be renewed for two, five, or ten years. To maintain the license, a PA must attend continuing medical education courses every two years.

In addition to the licensing requirements for physical aides, license renewals must be submitted to the state’s Board of medicine. The process takes just minutes, and renewals are processed the following business day. It is possible to renew an inactive license, but you must make sure that you have a valid email address and practice address in Indiana. You must include the state’s practice address in your controlled substances registration as well.

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