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11 Best Shoes for Nurses & Standing All Day 2021, Say Podiatrists

Know the best footwear for your profession

Being a nurse are you confused about which type of footwear will be comfortable to you? Then in this guide, you will get to know which footwear is best suited for you that will offer you comfort during your work hours.

Why shoes are a good choice for nurses?

  • Prevention from slips and falls – as in the nursing profession you work with various fluids so there are chances of unforeseen flips, or sometimes falls that will sometimes result in severe injury. For preventing yourself from slip, trip, and fall shoes are a very good choice you can make against any other type of footwear because they have a good amount of traction.
  • Resist fatigue – as sometimes you need to stand all day so fatigue can be an extreme problem, and if you don’t wear appropriate footwear then muscles in the feet, legs, and back can grow tired. As compared to other footwear shoes provide comfortable cushioning balanced arch support, and also prevent unnecessary strains on muscles.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the best footwear for nurses –

11 Best Shoes for Nurses & Standing All Day 2021, Say Podiatrists

Arch support and cushioning –

For comfort arch support and cushioning is the very important aspect not only for your feet but also some other aspects that you should keep in mind. It helps in improving posture, and also helps to prevent lower back pain. If the cushioning of your shoes is right then it will absorb the impact from walking and running that you will do the entire day. Right arch support and cushioning of your shoes will prevent sore and wearing down your other joints such as ankles, knees, and hips.

Always look for a wide toe box –

When you work for hours you want to spread out your toes. But sometimes it happens that a shoe that was perfectly comfortable to you while buying can also cause pain when you are on your job. To help out with this problem always look for a shoe that has a wide toe box, and should give plenty of space to your feet. You can also go for shoes that have to reinforce toes because those types of shoes will help you by protecting your feet if anything drops on your feet.

Select shoes that do not have slip soles –

Sometimes it happens that on the floor where you are working can be slippery, and if your shoes have a sleep sole you can slip on the floor. Sometimes you are patient and you can make him also fall with you and that can be dangerous for the patient. Rubber-soled shoes are a good option and all the nurses should choose them because a shoe that has a rubber sole prevents nurses from slipping or falling. Sometimes it happens that your favorite shoes wear down and due to this they become slippery. For preventing those from slipping there are non-slip pads available in the market which you can stick to the soles of your shoes which will help in gaining traction back.

Confuse which one to choose whether mesh or leather?

For most active professions sneakers can be the best choice but not a good choice for nurses. The mesh uppers on the shoes are light but you will find difficulty in cleaning them. Nurses us to deal with messy bodily fluids like blood urine, or vomit because of which sneakers are not a good choice for them because they don’t offer much protection to them. Nurses should look for breathable and easy-to-clean shoes and keeping these qualities in mind leather shoes are best for them. You can easily clean them with an antibacterial cloth. As compare to mesh shoes they are slightly heavier, but they give a more professional look compared to them. It is one of the best versatile options which have a good transition from patient care to meetings.

Have alternate footwear on different days –

Leather is indeed more comfortable it will also trap odors after some time. And when you will for hours they get sweaty and thus the shoes become sweaty which leads to foot odor. If you will not keep your shoes for drying like other shoe leather also wears down more quickly. So for keeping your feet healthy you should spray your shoes with an antiseptic cleanser which will help in cutting down germs and bacteria. If you will have alternate shoes then it will help your shoes to dry out completely which will be healthy for you.

As there are many types of nursing shoes available but the best shoes you can choose are Bala nurse shoes. You can read the Bala nurse shoe review to know more about the shoes. These shoes are not only helping the nurses but also they take feedback from nurses who wear these shoes.

Bala shoes help the nurses by giving them the desired comfort during work. Their design gives a professional look. The design was tested on 50 nurses in return they were asked for feedback. After the feedback given by all the nurses it was fine that these shoes stand for long periods, hols, awkward positions, stop and start suddenly, sprint to emergencies, and get splashed with bodily fluids. It was also founded that as nurses work for long hours they face situations like back pain, neck pain, and leg swelling. With the ball nurse shoe review, it was founded that these shoes are designed in such a way which have right heel height and weight distribution over the foot that helps them in decreasing knees and hips pain. They also have a flexible outer membrane that helps in deflecting liquids and floods.

Bala nurse shoe review done by nurses after using these shoes based on quality, cost, comfort, water-resistant, sharpens resistant, non-slip, style/fashion, ankle/foot support, durability, and ability to clean. Surprisingly all the nurses who used them rated 5 in all the areas. This survey was done over 132,000 nurses in which it was asked which shoes are best for them.

Features based on Bala nurse shoe review –

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  • Supportive – there are chances of overexertion or strain on the spine of nurses because they need to handle patients, and research also proved that 48% of injuries caused in nurses are due to handling patients. These shoes provide excellent support to them because the interior of the shoes is studier as compared to other shoes. They efficiently support feet and ankles which help in defending their back from additional strain.
  • Comfortable – these shoes are the first preference of all the nurses because they provide them great support. Some shoes make you feel uncomfortable during your working hours. But no matter how many hours you are working this shoe will give you great comfort.
  • Helps in reducing back pain – as nurses sometimes have to carry heavy equipment or handle patients so they may suffer from musculoskeletal injuries. These shoes help nurses to reduce back pain because of the comfort and support they provide to their customers.
  • Breathable – these shoes have great breathability so if you will wear them you will not feel sweaty. If you will not choose these shoes and wear some other shoes then it will make your feet sweaty which make you uncomfortable while working and you will not be able to concentrate on your work. Sweaty feet can also increase the risk of fungal infections.
  • Durable – they are made up of high-quality material because of which they last longer as compared to other shoes.
  • Easy to clean – if some liquid falls on your shoes it will damage the appearance of your shoes. Some types of shoes are hard to clean because of which you can’t wear them next time. But Bala shoes are easy to clean so if some liquid falls it is easy to clean.
  • Helps in reducing stress – if you will wear shoes that will offer you great comfortability, breathability, and are also supporting this will helps in reducing stress.

What to look at while buying Bala nursing shoes?

  • Budget – if you have a good budget then you should go for buying high-quality shoes that you can wear every day. You should also have few pairs of less expensive shoes because as in the nursing profession you need to work with messy fluids so if the shoes you are wearing get dirty you can change them.
  • Comfort and functionality – as it’s obvious you will wear the shoes the entire day then you should look for a shoe that is supportive, and comfortable. The shoes you look for should have qualities like keeping your feet cool, and you should feel right by wearing them. Your shoes should have a good grip so while working you is not tensed that your shoes might slip or fall and you can work peacefully.
  • Material – as you will work with fluids there are chances that it will spill on your shoes, and then your shoes will get dirty. So in such a situation always look for shoe material which is easy to clean so that you don’t waste your time in cleaning them.

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