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how to make your crocs bigger

Say you bought a pair of your favorite crocs and just after reaching home you realized that it doesn’t fit you well and you get a sense of disappointment on your face. Then you searched for everything on how to deal with this situation, and you wandered around every website and fashion page but got nothing. Then here we are, to help you. First of all, be patient and calm. This problem can happen with anyone, so you are not a unique victim. Crocs are very popular. Hence, they are found in multiple sizes, but some people don’t find a suitable fit.

Can We Make our Crocs bigger?

Yes, surely you can. Crocs can be stretched after using a while; they are a very different type of footwear that can shrink and stretch depending upon the conditions. If you have to go somewhere and show your unique fashion and love for crocs, you have found your crocs smaller and tight fit. Then here are some advanced options that you can try to make your crocs bigger: –

1- Application of Hot Water

Due to the length elongation effect of materials, when temperature increases, the length increases and is directly proportional to the change in the temperature. Hence when the crocs are dipped in hot water for not more than a minute, then the material from which the crocs are made expands, ultimately making the crocs bigger. This process has to be repeated for a week for improved results.

2- Continuously Wearing the crocs

What’s better than enjoying wearing crocs? Now forget your shoes whenever you go for a walk, whether for jogging, a morning walk or an evening walk, give your crocs a chance. They are as comfortable as your sports shoes. The spinal cord is one of the most reflexive organs of our body, but it also requires care. When you stand and walk for the whole day straight for 3-4 hours, the position of the bones in the spinal cord changes and deviates from their normal positions, which becomes the reason for muscular pain and sprain. The relative position of feet causes the deviation. When a person stands, the feet provide a great cushioning effect, and if the shoes are not that good or don’t have good comfort, problems arise. For these reasons, clogs are made highly comfortable, and they avoid jerky movement as well and ultimately helping the spinal health better. Hence just by continuously wearing crocs, your crocs will loosen and eventually get bigger, and at the same time, your spinal cord health is taken care of as well.

3- Keeping them in Sunlight

Sunlight is the natural energy source, and you use this energy by putting your crocs in the sunlight. The heat from the sun will cause the material of your croc to relax and grow, and if you do this every day, certainly and surely you will see changes in the size of your crocs. You will notice that crocs which were earlier not fitting into your feet, are now fitting very well.

4- Using a Hairdryer

Hairdryers are one of the common electrical instruments found in every household nowadays. So, finding it would not be a big deal. Amazing and astonishing is that you can use it to make your crocs bigger. You have to follow just these steps: –

  • Apply a towel on your hairdryer so that the heat is equally distributed in all parts of the crocs when you apply heat.
  • Now the second thing you have to do is to put the hairdryer into the crocs for two to three minutes, also take a close watch on the material of the crocs. Sometimes your tiny mistake can burn your favorite crocs.
  • Now, after you feel that your crocs are heated enough and feel warmer, wear them with socks and move around for five to ten minutes.
  • Repeat this process every day to see quick and improved results.

Following these steps carefully and with a good number of precautions, you can make your crocs bigger.

5- Give your crocs to your big brother or sister to wear

This is one of the funniest and amazing ideas to make your crocs bigger. First of all, you have to explain to your sibling brother and sister what crocs are and their benefits. You can explain these benefits to them: –

  • Protection from bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms

Any foreign particle in the body is a sign of danger. Because of this, people avoid taking unnecessary things. Clogs are minimalist designed; hence they don’t have laces that can be the carriers and home of microorganisms. Therefore, just by wearing clogs, a potential danger of microorganisms is avoided.

  •  Easy to wear

One of the most important aspects of a busy lifestyle is timely action in an emergency where every second counts. If one starts to wear normal shoes, it will take him nearly 90 to 120 seconds to wear, which may be crucial for decision-making. Hence the clogs come here helpful; they are so easy to wear that it takes only 30 seconds at maximum for a person because there aren’t any back parts in the clogs as well where people strive and take time. Also, there are no laces, so the time taken to make laces clear is also saved. Here we can easily see the time advantage of 60 seconds, which may be critical for business decisions. That’s why people prefer clogs over regular shoes.

  •  Durability

After explaining these points, they will start to wear the crocs, and due to their bigger feet size, your crocs will automatically get bigger over time.

6- Start wearing socks with crocs

Crocs are flexible, and this flexibility can be increased by wearing socks. When someone wears socks, the foot’s area increases significantly, which pushes the material of the crocs to expand.

This particular method is the simplest of all. You just have to put socks on, nothing more. After using this technique, you will surely find out that the size of your crocs has increased and now they fit you.

If one follows the above method regularly, it is a guarantee that he will surely get bigger crocs. The point to note is you have to do simple things not to play any rough, tough game. Enjoy your bigger crocs now and move around more comfortably.

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