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How To Make More Money As A Nurse Practitioner?


Nursing is one of the most honorable and difficult jobs among all the professions. Nurses work several hours at a stretch giving care and taking part in surgical procedures. If nurses were not there, the world of the medical profession would be in chaos.

Nurses are always on standby and may require responding to emergency calls at any moment. Hence, they must be on alert because it’s uncertain when they will get an emergency call. But what about their salary? How much do nurses earn?

If you have joined the job recently, likely, you may not be earning much. It can even take several years to get a higher salary if you remain in the same position. But it’s not to say that there aren’t ways to earn more. This article will try to find out how nurses can make more.

Nurses’ Duties at a Glance

Nurses’ duties aren’t just taking the temperature of patients or giving them medicine. They have multiple responsibilities and work in various departments. The following are some of the duties nurses take up daily in their profession. They

  • Speak to patients, observe and assess them.
  • Note down patients’ medical history, present health condition, and symptoms.
  • Get the patients ready for a check-up and medical procedure.
  • Assist in surgical procedures.
  • Make, appraise and carry out care plans for patients with fellow nurses and other medical professionals.
  • Take care of wounds, cleaning and bandaging them.
  • Manage and observe medical equipment.
  • Take blood and urine samples and other bodily fluids from patients for tests.
  • Enlighten patients and their families regarding diagnosis, treatment, and care plans.
  • Instruct nursing students, nursing assistants, and licensed and vocational nurses.
  • Respond to emergency calls.
  • Take care of newborns.
  • Give care to patients at nursing homes, hospices, and private residences.

How to Earn More Money as a Nurse Practitioner?

As stated earlier, most nurses earn very little compared to other professions. But there are ways to earn more, and you can earn a more extensive salary package if you go down that path.

Obtain Extra Certificates and Continue with Higher Education

With the demand for highly-qualified nurses rising, most places require them to have a master’s degree. Additionally, you can pursue other certificates in a particular department within the nursing field. Having more degrees will set you apart, and you can get jobs quickly.

Several organizations offer certifications in various nursing departments. For instance, the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board offer certificate in pediatrics. You can also get a diploma in anesthetics from the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists.

There are similar other certifications that you can pursue as you move on with your career. With more certificates, you can look for better opportunities if your current employers aren’t paying you a good package.

Check Out Other Areas of Nursing

One positive aspect of nursing is that there are several components in the field. So, you aren’t restricted to one particular area. You can choose to obtain as many certifications as you want. The more degrees and skills you have, the wider your career path will be. You can opt for hospice care, urgent care, anesthetics, and pediatrics.

When you have more skills, experience, and degrees, you can apply these when working. You can assist the trainee nurses and help them learn more so that the healthcare facility understands how extensive your knowledge is.

You could also search for work at places where they allow nurses to prescribe medicines. Studies show that NPs (nurse practitioners) who prescribe medication earn more than those who don’t.

Increase Work Experience

As in any industry, organizations want to hire NPs who have more work experience. So, while you’re pursuing higher education and more degrees, keep working so that you can gain plenty of experience. With more skills, understanding, and additional certificates, you can find better positions and salaries.

With more experience in hand, you also get the chance to show your skills while performing your duties. When others see how much you know, they will respect you, and your reputation will increase. When others know about your experience and skills, you may get more propositions from more influential organizations where they pay more.

Besides, experience also allows you to balance your workload better and faster. That way, you can complete your tasks more efficiently and also make time to rest and relax at regular intervals.

Arrange Better Nursing Contracts

Many healthcare organizations pay salary packages and also compensation. But most new nurses may not be familiar with the details of the pay package. Hence, before signing any contract with any organization, it’s essential to find out the details of their salary package. If you go in blind, a specific healthcare facility may pay you less than what they usually pay their NPs.

When you know all the details of the pay package, it will allow you to negotiate better. Before signing a contract, you must discuss every aspect so that your future employer knows that you are aware of the information. Ask about salary structure, bonuses, compensation, etc.

You must, however, not mention numbers when discussing the pay package, especially if you don’t know the details of the pay structure. Else, you may get a smaller amount than the actual salary.

Work Part-Time

While working as a nurse, you can also take up a teaching post at places where they train nurses. Hospitals, local healthcare facilities, and higher educational institutes. You will obtain even more experience and also increase your income.

Write Medical Content

When you add more certification, skills, and experience to your resume, you will have more knowledge about the nursing field. You can increase your income by producing medical writing material. If you can’t publish a book, you can create online content. There are many subjects, so you have plenty to write about.

But you must be familiar with any particular topic so that you can write well and those who read understand clearly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re intent on taking up nursing as a profession, explore all the areas. The above tips are some methods you can use to supplement your income.

Experience, additional certifications, and skills are three aspects that come entirely in handy. So, once you get a license and start working, continue with the higher education, do part-time jobs and create writing content in the long run.

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