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Are Danskos Bad For Your Knees?


Painful knees can hinder your work and give you plenty of discomforts. You can take pain medication, undergo physical treatments, and exercise regularly. You can also wear the proper footwear, and it can alleviate the issue and allow you to perform the activities with ease.

Many brands make various types of footwear. Dansko is one of the companies which make wide varieties of footwear for work. According to users, they offer comfort and support to your arch. But are they good or bad for the knees? People might have different opinions regarding this, so it’s best to find out what everyone is saying.

Are Danskos Bad for Your Knees?

Dansko makes comfortable and long-lasting footwear for different occasions. Many of their designs are suitable for working purposes and support your arch, and several are good for flat feet. But these may not necessarily be good for your knees, mainly if your work requires you to stand for long hours. Now you may be wondering why it may be so. There are several reasons for it.

Danskos refer to footwear from the Dansko brand and primarily refer to the clogs design. The design is pretty popular with people who have to stand long periods at work. They include warehouse factory workers, mall staff, teachers, doctors, nurses, vets, and others. They prefer to wear clogs because they’re easy to wear and convenient.

They’re comfortable to wear, but some studies have pointed out that long-term wear can cause knee pain. Now you might be thinking, why would this be. Research indicates that it could be due to the wide low heels because they raise the loads on your knees. Researchers believe the broad heels of comfort shoes increase the load on the knees just like thinner heels.

Hence, even if the Dansko clogs have relatively low heels, they’re higher than flat-soled footwear. So, while your knees may not feel the load after wearing the shoes a few times, it may affect you after long-term use.

What Reasons Can Cause Knee Pain?

Many people suffer from knee aches and discomfort due to several reasons. If you don’t take care of it as soon as possible, it can worsen, and you may feel the pain for life. Here are some reasons why you may have knee pain.

Injuries and Overuse

  • Kneecap dislocation or fracture
  • Patellofemoral syndrome-Pain around the kneecap or in the front part of your knee
  • Torn ligament or torn cartilage
  • Sprain
  • Bursitis-Inflammation due to continuous pressure on the knee over time.

Medical Issues

  • Infections in the knee joint and knee bones
  • Bone cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Baker cyst
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease

Remedies to Alleviate Knee Pain

  • Avoid running; instead, you can walk.
  • Reduce the workouts.
  • Take up swimming or cycling.
  • Place a pillow under your knees while sleeping.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your knees.
  • Try not to stand for long periods at a stretch.
  • If you’re flat-footed, wear suitable footwear that has a unique footbed.
  • Wear comfortable and suitable shoes if your work requires you to stand long hours.
  • Being overweight can put more pressure on your knees. So, try to lose weight.
  • Apply ice on your knee if the pain has just started, once every hour on the first day and four times a day from the next day onwards. It’s necessary to keep a watch over the ice so that you don’t get frostbite.
  • Take over-the-counter pain killers but speak to your physician if you’re taking any medication.

When to Seek Treatment?

Sometimes, your pain may disappear, but if the condition is severe, it may continue. You must seek medical attention if the following conditions persist.

  • If you have pain and swelling even after a few days of following home remedies.
  • If you feel pain even when not putting pressure on your knee.
  • If you cannot move your bend or straighten your knee as usual.
  • If your knee locks, clicks, or buckles.
  • If you feel numbness, tingling, pain, or notice a discoloration anywhere in the knee area.
  • If your knee looks disfigured after a fall or an accident.
  • If your knees fail to support you when you try to stand up.

What can Aggravate Knee Pain?

You can get knee pain from medical conditions, overuse, and injuries. The pain can increase even more due to the following:

  • Intense exercises
  • Running
  • Standing long hours
  • Carrying heavy objects
  • Walking uphill
  • Wrong footwear

Should You Continue to Wear Danskos?

While it’s been said that Danskos can increase the load on knees and cause pain in the long run, they’re still comfortable to wear. So, if it doesn’t cause any issue, you can wear them. To avoid knee pain, you can buy other pairs and wear them alternately. That way, you won’t put much pressure on your knees.

Besides the clogs, the brand makes several other designs, so you can check these out. They may be more suitable for your feet. You can also go through more reviews as people have different opinions. It’s likely that even if the shoes give pain and discomfort to some, they may be suitable for others.

If Danskos weren’t good, the brand wouldn’t have become so popular with people who work. So, even if there are some negative reviews, in the end, it all depends on the consumers. If the footwear offers you comfort, continue wearing it. However, you must follow the tips to avoid and lower your knee pain.

Final Thoughts

So, we learned that Danskos might not be suitable for the knees of some people. We also learned what causes knee pain, what you need to do to alleviate it, and when to seek help. With the right approach, you can reduce the pain and prevent inflammation.

While knee pain due to injury and overuse may go away after suitable treatment, pain caused by age-related issues may not. But you can get relief from the aches and discomfort by using correct shoes and medication and by following suitable physical therapy.

You can wear Danskos for work, but as mentioned above, you can keep different types of shoes for work so that you can change them and avoid or prevent the pain.

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