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Can Nurses Wear Necklaces?

Jewelry can be a very playful and creative accessory. However, can nurses wear necklaces? It can depend on what kind of job they have and what type of necklace it is. It can also depend on the policy of their specific hospital or job. In some cases, they can only wear a necklace that is plain and has no charms attached to it.

In other cases, there can be a policy where nurses can only wear one necklace at a time. In most hospitals, if the nurse’s necklaces have dangling charms or symbols which can pose a risk for an individual who may be wearing medical equipment such as an I.V., then it can lead to either serious injury or death for someone who may become entangled with the objects found on the necklace itself.

For this reason, nurses often do not wear necklaces that have any type of charm that can separate from the chain itself while working in a medical facility.

Can nurses wear necklaces that do not have charm on the hospital’s policy?

The reason for this can vary depending on the policies of each hospital itself. Some hospitals can have a strict policy against wearing anything but a plain chain necklace with no charms, while other hospitals can allow their employees to choose whichever necklace they want as long as there are no charms attached to it.

However, sometimes even if there are no danglers attached to them, there still can be strict guidelines regarding what kind of necklace can be worn by medical professionals, which can include all types of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and earrings too. Although it also depends on the specific hospital’s rules and regulations.

It also can depend on the type of necklace itself; for instance, if the nurse is wearing a simple chain necklace with no dangling charms attached to it, then they can wear whatever kind of cross they choose because it can’t pose any risk for someone who’s wearing.

What are the types of necklaces nurses can wear in a hospital setting?

There are generally accepted standards when it comes to nurses wearing necklaces in a hospital setting. There can be an exception made when the patient can’t see it, but otherwise, there should only be small and simple necklaces allowed. The following are some examples of types of jewelry that can be worn:

  • Plain wedding ring without stones on the hands
  • Simple earrings (a stud or small hoop with no designs)
  • Religious pendant (smaller than a dime, can’t be visible to patients in some cases)
  • Watch (plain, can’t have stones or designs on it)

What can nurses wear instead of necklaces?

There can be many different types of jewelry that can replace necklaces for nurses. Some can include:

  • Religious head covering (tied in place, can’t swing around and hit the patient)
  • Simple bracelet with no stones or charms on it
  • Plain ring without stones on the hands
  • Earrings such as a stud or small hoop with no designs on the earrings
  • Metal barrette for hair without any stones

Nurses can wear these accessories if they can be worn in a way that can’t cause harm to the patient. They should also not fall into any other dress or appearance code violations. For example, watches can be plain but can’t have too many stones on the band.

What can happen if nurses don’t follow these dress code guidelines?

Nurses can face disciplinary action and can even be terminated from their positions if they break these guidelines. It can happen because necklaces can accidentally fall off and can hit or harm a patient, which isn’t appropriate. If there are any questions about what can be worn as jewelry, it can be best to either ask a manager or contact the hospital’s human resources department.

Reasons why it is best for nurses not to wear necklaces or other accessories to work

There can be many reasons why it can be best for nurses not to wear necklaces at work. Some can include:

  • Can cause injury to patients if they accidentally fall off and hit them
  • Can pose a danger to people’s lives if something is attached to the necklace that can hurt someone else or get caught on equipment
  • May violate dress code or can violate a hospital’s appearance policy
  • Can be against dress code if not worn in a professional, appropriate way

Nurses can wear these types of accessories if they can’t cause harm to the patient, can’t violate dress code or appearance policy, can be worn in a professional way, and can’t pose a danger to anyone’s life. There can also be appearance code issues, so nurses should check with their managers for more details.

Factors To Consider When Buying Necklace For Nurses

There can be some factors that can go into consideration, such as the material that it’s made from, and also the color of the cross can matter too. For instance, if the chain itself is made out of silver, then it can be preferable to wear it rather than a gold chain.

Another thing for nurses to consider would be to make sure that the cross itself doesn’t have any type of symbols on it, such as stars and other things which can pose a risk if an individual were to become entangled in them; however, if there aren’t any charms attached to the necklace, then a nurse can wear whatever kind of symbol they want on their cross.


In conclusion, it is up to each individual nurse to decide what can be worn or cannot be worn in the workplace. Please keep in mind that you are potentially dealing with many patients on a daily basis, some of whom want nothing more than to kill themselves.

Some healthcare facilities have very strict rules about what can and cannot be worn on the job, while others do not. It is wise to call ahead or check your employee handbook before you show up for work wearing anything that could potentially harm one of your patients.

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