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All About Eyelash Extensions: Can Nurses Do Eyelash Extension

Can nurses do eyelash extensions?

Yes, nurses are well-equipped to apply for lash extensions. They already have the training and skills needed for this type of job by virtue of their career path.

Why you should consider getting your lashes done professionally

Eyelash extension is an art form. When it’s done by talented hands, then clients will get that ‘wow’ look they’re looking for because their eyes are accentuated to give it that magnified, alluring effect. Plus, there are different looks within the lash extension industry that specialize in certain varieties of eyelash enhancements according to what the client wants (e.g., classic or volume style).

If one has tried applying individual lashes on themselves and had bad experiences with messy glue or poking oneself in the eye with a tweezer while trying to get an errant lash, then perhaps not having the patience or expertise for this is understandable.

What to expect when going in for a lash extension session

First, clients are asked about what they want their lash look to be like (thickness of lashes, curl, etc.). The characteristics that will contribute to the intended result are determined by asking questions about all factors involved in getting eyelash extensions done.

For instance, if one wants ultra-long false lashes but doesn’t have naturally very full or strong natural lashes, then fillers would have to be used so that the desired effect can be achieved. After deciding on the look, it’s time for application. This involves two steps: First, prepare and cleanse the client’s natural lashes (this makes the glue stick better).

The second step is applying lashes, which is done with a special adhesive. A thin brush-on layer of adhesive is applied first to give strength and longevity to the finished look; then, individual lash extensions are glued along the length of prepped natural lashes. This process only takes about 45 minutes, depending on how many lashes are being applied.

How much does it cost, and how long will it last

Prices vary depending on salon/spa or independent professional who offers lash extension sessions for their clients. It costs $75-$150 per session if done by an independent makeup artist so expect to pay more at higher-end salons where they offer non-surgical beauty enhancements.

Full sets (applying lashes to all-natural lashes in both eyes) typically cost $125-$200, while refills (where lash extensions that fall out are replaced with new ones) cost around $80-100 per session. Since this is an enhancement done with special steps taken to make the lashes look ultra-natural, lash extensions will last 2-3 weeks if properly cared for.

It takes about 45 minutes for the entire session, so it’s worth it when one sees what beautiful full lash lines they can get in such little time, along with making an appointment at a spa or salon near them just be sure to do your research on the place you’re considering by checking their customer reviews and feedback online before availing of their services.

Get an education on lash extensions and how they’re done professionally

If you like what you’ve read about eyelash extensions and think you’d like to try this service, then familiarize yourself with the different methods of application available for this beauty enhancement (e.g., classic vs. volume).

You can also brush up on the details of caring for lash extensions (which helps lengthen their lifespan), like avoiding wearing makeup while waiting for them to dry as well as not applying mascara too close to where lashes are glued onto natural lashes because that’ll just cause problems later down the line during removal.

The best way to find out more is by visiting a spa or salon offering these types of services near your location and learning more from those who are experienced in applying lash extensions.

What are the risks of getting eyelash extensions?

Since this is a semi-permanent “tattooing” of lashes, there are some risks involved. A few reported side effects are slight discomfort during application (which can be remedied by using numbing cream), styles due to the weakened natural lash line after removing extensions, eye infections if proper hygiene isn’t followed when performing or receiving eyelash extension services, allergic reactions to the adhesive used in applying for lash extensions, etc.

The risk of infection can occur because it’s easy for bacteria and dirt to get on the tweezers used for applying for individual lash extensions, so strict cleanliness is required throughout the process. It’s also best to not wear makeup while getting your lashes done only touchups are applied over existing ones, which saves time and effort for the client.

Tips on taking care of your new set of eyelashes after they’ve been applied

After receiving lash extensions done professionally, it’s important to maintain their beauty and fullness for as long as possible. Here are a few tips from the experts:

  • Avoid touching your lashes after they’ve been glued on. This can cause problems since fingers have natural oils, which will interfere with the adhesion of extensions to natural lashes.
  • Make sure that your face is completely clean. Never get your extensions wet or immediately apply makeup before washing your face first because dirt and bacteria from cleansing products used during cleansing routines can potentially lead to eye infections.
  • If you’re going to be applying mascara yourself, always wait 30 seconds after applying adhesive, so the glue has time to settle into place before putting on mascara. This helps ensure lash extensions don’t come off or get damaged while the mascara is applied on top of it.
  • Avoid getting eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours following application because wet lash extensions won’t adhere properly to lashes and can cause problems.
  • Make sure to be careful around your eyes when using any beauty product again during this initial period of time after having extensions applied i.e., don’t use oil-based or waterproof makeup products near the eye area, lest you risk staining the waterline of the eye.
  • Try not to rub eyes too often nor sleep on lash lines doing so can potentially lead to loss of lashes if proper care isn’t taken.


To summarize, lash extensions are a semi-permanent beauty enhancer that can help make one’s eyes pop without needing much makeup on. Just some eye moisturizer and sunscreen will do as well as keep them clean to avoid infection and lashes falling out. Lash extensions can also help those who wear glasses as their lenses won’t get smudged, plus they’ll look more awake and fresh with fuller-looking lashes.

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