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Nurse Salary in West Virginia

There are good salary and employment opportunities for registered nurses, CRNA, Nurse anesthetist, LPN/ LVN, and nurse practitioners in West Virginia. The following guide will highlight state and national salaries for every type of nursing specialty in this region. Following is the guide for a detailed breakdown of salary and employment rates.

Job opportunities in West Virginia

As per data offered by Indeed.com, the salary of a registered nursing professional in West Virginia was $58855 till August 2018. This salary figure is sixteen percent lower than the figure of the annual average salary of a registered nurse on an average level. The survey, which was conducted by the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) showed that 20419 registered nurses were employed in West Virginia in May 2017. The employment rate during that time was 29.65 per 1000 jobs. The hourly and annual salary of registered nursing professionals on an average in West Virginia was $29.03 and $60380. The state of West Virginia makes it compulsory for each registered nurse applicant to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN to ensure the safety of every citizen. There are many nursing schools available in WV that can prepare nursing candidates for this mandatory examination.

Other Benefits

Nurses get additional perks while working in West Virginia, such as disability insurance, dental coverage, maternity leave, leave benefits, tuition assistance, and childcare support.

What is the salary of nurses in West Virginia based on geographical location?

The remuneration of all registered nurses practicing in West Virginia is not uniform. There are many factors why the salary varies, such as location where the registered nursing professional is working, demand and supply factor, cost of living, and the type of specialty where the nurse is currently employed. As per the source of salary.com, the highest salary till 31 July 2018, was paid to staff nurses practicing in Wheeling and Morgantown, whereas the minimum remuneration was off $64721 and $64371 in Parkersburg and Huntington, respectively. Some data reports of salary.com state that the nurse salary varied between the figure $59596-$63494 as of October 2014.

The job outlook of nursing professionals working in West Virginia

West Virginia offers outstanding job opportunities to registered nurses and other nursing staff. However, the job outlook and opportunities vary based on geographical conditions. It is known that thousands of candidates select nursing as their career path every year. As this location’s job outlook is positive, many nursing students take this career path. Experienced registered nurses have a bright career and higher earning potential than fresher ones. The bureau of labor statistics has forecasted an increase in the number of job opportunities in West Virginia. As per its estimation, there will be 438100 new employment opportunities for registered nurses between 2016-2026. This nursing career has 15% growth opportunities with other perks and benefits.

Salary of the registered nurse in West Virginia

The annual average salary of registered nursing professionals in West Virginia is around $60380, below the average national salary for registered nurses. Presently there are 20410 registered nurses approximately practicing in West Virginia, and most of them are employed in diverse industries.

Salary of nurse practitioners in West Virginia

The salary of a nurse practitioner employed in West Virginia (WV) is around $95000 approximately, and this figure is below the average national salary figure for the nurse practitioners. As per the latest source, only 1040 nurse practitioners are presently working in the West Virginia state. Most nurse practitioners are employed in a wide range of industries.

Salary of a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

The annual average salary of a licensed practical nurse employed in West Virginia is approximately $36190, and this figure is below the average national figure for LVNs and LPNs. As per the latest source, there are presently only 5900 LPNs employed in this state working in diverse hospital settings and industries. The number of licensed vocational nurses or licensed practical nurses practicing in the United States is 702700.

Salary of nurse anesthetist employed in West Virginia state

The average annual wage of a nurse anesthetist used throughout West Virginia is approximately $186870, which is above the average national pay scale for CRNA Or Certified Registered Nurse anesthetist. As per the latest figure, only 490 CRNA professionals are recruited across the West Virginia State.

Salary of nursing professional with same job designation

The demand for registered nurses in West Virginia is always high, and are paid a good salary package. Nursing professionals who hold master/doctorate or advanced nursing degrees get the opportunity to earn higher salaries and can perform different services across diverse industries. Such nurses get a variety of job titles. For instance, clinical nurse managers received a salary of $66000 as of October 2014, whereas registered nurse outpatient oncology nursing professionals were given the lowest salary, which is $54000.

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