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North Carolina Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for NC

Healthcare is a booming business around the world and more people are getting into this line of work. Medical practitioners looking to apply for licenses in North Carolina have to meet certain requirements that are set by the North Carolina Board of Medicine.

The board was founded so that they could keep an eye on the physicians practicing medicine in the state. This way, they can ensure the safety and protection of the citizens of North Carolina.

Some patients give complaints to the board when they face inconveniences through the services provided by physicians. If any physician is caught for malpractice then their licenses will be revoked.

So, in order to obtain a medical license, there are certain conditions you have to fulfill. You cannot simply obtain one by submitting a form. There are many factors involved and we will list out a few for you in this article so that you get the basics right.

About North Carolina Board of Medicine

In the United States, each state must have a medical board that monitors the standards of medical professionals. They go through such regular checks so that the citizens of North Carolina receive proper healthcare facilities and services.

There is a list of dos and don’ts established by the North Carolina Board of Medicine that medical professionals have to follow so that their licenses do not get canceled.

The North Carolina Board of Medicine also issues licenses if you are planning to pursue a medical career in the state. You will have to submit an application to get approval for your medical license.

There are various medical professionals that can apply for a license in North Carolina. They are:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses

The board will issue a license according to the eligibility of the applicants. If their documentation is approved by the concerned authorities, the medical practitioner might get a temporary permit. If you are unsure about the eligibility criteria, you can check out their official website to get detailed information.

Licensure Process of North Carolina Board of Medicine

The procedure for applying for a medical license includes various steps. Just the processing of the North Carolina Board of Medicine license itself takes a few days.

The North Carolina Board of Medicine has given a set of instructions for you to follow before submitting the application. Failing to submit all the required documents would result in a long delay for the approval process.

You should follow the procedure listed below while applying for a medical license.

  • Fill up all the application forms without leaving out any detail. You can download the application form in the North Carolina Board of Medicine’s official website.
  • Provide all the documentation supporting your medical education results, graduation and post-graduation courses, etc. You should make sure you studied in a school or college that is recognized by the North Carolina Board of Medicine or should be equivalent to standard medical institutions in the United States.
  • A minimum fee of around 300-400 dollars will be charged for the licensing process.
  • The board will make a background check on your disciplinary actions if any. It takes a while to get this sorted out because they have to cross-check with all the authorities to make sure you have been acquitted or deemed safe for practicing medicine.

There are also certain requirements that you need to have to complete a North Carolina Board of Medicine License Application. They are:

  • You need to have a physician assistant graduation certificate from a program that is affiliated with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs or any other body approved by it.
  • You have to get through the examination held by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. This examination is taken to check your competence as a physician assistant.
  • Old certificates issued by the NCCPA will not be entertained. You need to procure a current one in order to apply for a medical license.

Licensure Renewal – North Carolina Board of Medicine

The North Carolina Board of Medicine issues licenses to physicians and assistants valid for a year. After the validity is over, the medical practitioners need to renew their licenses by a specific given time.

If they fail to do so, their licenses will expire and lose the right to practice medicine. There is a fee involved and other specific rules for renewal.

A renewal fee waiver is also available for people that are deployed. To qualify for renewal, the medical practitioners must meet the following criteria:

  • Should be a licensee of the North Carolina Board of Medicine.
  • Should have a good record with the Board.
  • Should be serving in the US Army or affiliated to the US Army.
  • Should be serving in a combat zone, or any other military operation.


The North Carolina Board of Medicine issues licenses and looks over the functioning of the medical professionals. They have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the license and even after getting the license, should maintain the standard set by the board regarding the healthcare services provided.

In the event of license expiration, they can renew by paying the required fee and should comply with the board’s various rules for renewal.

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