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Why glue pennies to shoes?

I have heard glue is used by many mothers and fathers to stick the shoes parts together and use it for some more days. Some people even use other stick glues to gum together the shoes. But have heard penny been glued in the shoe. Do you too feel the idea is crazy? Well, I too thought so.

You might have series of questions raised in your mind. Well, that too is the same situation I had. The questions I had are, why someone does have to glue penny in the shoe? Have you seen someone gluing penny coins to the shoes?

The reasons for sticking glue to the shoes various from region to region, culture to culture and country to country. However, we have managed to gather the possible reasons that revolve around the world now for the gluing of pennies to the shoes.

Some say for the long last of the shoes, some say for the sound it makes but the exact reason is still unclear.

I am going to track my kids activities..

Parenting is not an easy job and that too when it is for your first kid, the case becomes extra tedious. The kids are silent and easy to maintain but once they became toddler it is a high maintenance which requires constant watching and keeping an eye on them whilst doing other chores in home becomes a tiring job for many new moms in most part of the world.

Now-a-days we have many toys to keep the kid engaged. But there are a few toys for the kids to track them. But there were some good techniques used by last and previous generation mothers.

Yes, in last century where there were less number and types of toys available in the market. So, there were many toys made out of non-toy materials.

In this technological and economically steady world, we buy toys of fancy items, toys from various parts of the world. But for the last two centuries, parents were economically to the level that parents are now. Hence, they bought toys out of items seen in home for playing.

Parents stuck coins in the shoes of the kids and made them walk around the home and play. The kids make noise while walking and playing around the home. This keeps the parents conscious of where the kids are enjoying and playing.

The parents can know the kids walk away from their eye sight.

Mom, I am tired of tying my shoe laces while playing..

I know many mothers are tired of listening to their kids complaining their laces are not tight and it is seen as a distraction while playing. Many kids even complain that they are falling while playing because of this shoe laces.

While I was doing a research for this topic on why the pennies are glued to the shoes that is when I found a fascinating reason. Read on to know that reason.

Some mom glues the pennies to the laces so that the laces are tied tight and do not loose easily. This helps kids while playing since the laces are not loosened and they are not distracted during their play.

Can the shoes last long by gluing pennies?

Many of us know the sadness we feel when our favorite shoes are torn and can’t be stitched for future use. There has been a technique that was used by our ancestors. The technique which was forgotten as days passed and people made a shift from being traditional followers to modern followers.

The habit of reusing any material, joining one or more materials to perform recycling activities reduced as the next generation started earning money and using it to buy new items always.

Some people say gluing the pennies to the shoe lower part can aid in lasting for long time. The pennies help in reinforcing the sole part with the body weight. In history, there were many people who believed this is true and the research that many shoe companies took on this helped them in achieving some success too.

The shoe companies produced more long lasting shoes by adding and replacing some features. Many shoes, now a day, have some type of button at the bottom of the shoe.

Thus, pennies were glued to the shoe for the long lasting strength that it gave.


I would love to perform Tap dance..

As most of you know tap dance is an art of dance which is performed with the help of the sounds produced by the button present in the bottom layer of the shoe. The tap shoes are specially designed for the tap dance and has metal ‘tap’ on the heel and toe portion.

There are various types of Tap dancing and variations in dancing each tap dance model. There are rhythm tap, classical tap, post modern tap and Broadway tap.

The tap shoes, as said earlier, are designed especially for this purpose and thus are costly. Due to this unaffordable price of the tap shoes, many parents stick pennies to the bottom of the shoes. And watch their kids dance for the tap and relish in joy.

Use this technique in case if you want to try some tap dance but are not in a position to afford hand some of money, then try gluing some pennies to the shoes bottom and tapping for a song.


Though sticking pennies at the bottom or the upper parts of the shoe are rare and reasons are unclear till date, some people follow the traditional ways of saving the life time of the shoe or for using as a tracking device of their kids.

The traditions following people are feeble for this idea but however some ideas prove worth doing. All these ideas popped for those moms who have an urgent need for fixing their kids shoe lacing problem or were busy in the kitchen but also need to look after their kids playing and roaming around the living room.

Though we call many superstitious acts and try giving some scientific reason for this, the behavior of gluing pennies to the shoes are not touched yet. However, when we have known the worth we would never search for scientific reasons. We simply accept that. Please do let us know your comments on this article, have you tried any of these method, had your grandparents recommended this idea for any specific reason. Do comments your knowledge on this and spread the benefits of gluing the pennies to the shoes.

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