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Top Five Ways of Cleaning the Bottom of Shoes to Return Them

Changed your mind but have dirt to hide?

How often has it happened to you that you buy something but with a feeling of longing for other products in the same aisle? We can’t buy everything! But at times, the feeling of regret is so immense that it haunts most of us at night. And the conversation about your purchase with your colleagues at work the next morning does nothing to improve your mood either! Now replace the word product with a pair of shoes, and imagine yourself in such a tricky scenario. You have already tried on the shoes, and in worst-case scenarios, you wore the Danskos to work the next day! Now you hate them and the one thing that is working in your favor is that you can still return them. But what’s not working for you is the amount of dirt that has already accumulated on the shiny shoe. Cursing weather will not improve your situation! Instead, talk a deep breath and assure yourself that your problem is not beyond a fix. All that you need to do is apply one of the five shoe cleaning methods that we are going to share with you in this discussion! They all work, have faith in us! Once we are done sharing these five general methods of cleaning the shoe bottoms, we will share some very specific tips with you as well. Lots to learn from this discussion, we can promise you that much! 

Top five ways of cleaning shoe bottom

Here are our tried and tested tips for getting the dirt out of your newly purchased shoe pair! All of them work like a charm!

The detergent-baking soda formula

Sodium bicarbonate - Wikipedia

This is a secret that has been handed down from generation to generation. You can gauge the effectiveness of this method from this little piece of info. Without any beating about the bush, let us get straight to the protocol:

  1. Before you start playing around with baking soda and detergent, make sure that you have removed the dirt bulk stuck to the bottom of your shoe. There are more than one ways of accomplishing this task, you can shake the shoe violently, throw it on the floor with force or be subtle about things and opt for a toothbrush. The toothbrush bit is particularly helpful in cleaning any dirt that might be stuck somewhere in the shoe services. 
  2. Now we whip up the magic solution. In a small plastic container, mix two tablespoons of detergent and one tablespoon of baking soda. To ensure that you get a paste of consistent thickness, don’t pour the water at once, and rather drop is slowly 
  3. Got the toothbrush still? Apply the paste you have just made on the shoe sole with the help of that toothbrush. The important point to note here is that you have to ensure uniform application of paste on soles, through and bottom both. Only then can you move onto the scrubbing stage. Again, we must remind you to be subtle and gentle during this stage.
  4. Now the magic is happening before your eyes, right? That dirt that was giving you nightmares is finally being peeled off. To ensure optimal results, repeat what you have done so far.
  5. Once you have ascertained that dirt has indeed come off the sole, you must wipe off the paste you made from the shoe sole. Please use a clean cloth for this purpose. Moistening the cloth is likely to achieve better results. 

Product to ponder: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – 64 oz.

This is something that you can consider in case you don’t have baking soda at your place. It is quite effective in solving your stain woes on the kitchen and bathroom front as well. Plus, it sucks away any foul odor that might be making your head spin. Natural and safe are the adjectives which describe this product the best!

Warm water-dishwasher combo

What is the best dishwasher and why should you get one?

Another method is likely to take care of your little problem effectively, here is the protocol for it:

  1. First, find yourself a bucket or a container that is spacious enough for your shoes. Please make sure that the bucket is wide enough so that you don’t have to bend or fold your shoes.
  2. The next step is that of removing that big chunk of mud which we have mentioned in the previous section as well. We will not repeat this step for the fear of redundancy. 
  3. Once all the loose dirt has been taken care of, you need to fill the bucket with lukewarm water. Here is the tricky part, pay attention. Fill only enough water so that only the sole of your dirty shoe merges in the water, not the upper part of your shoe. 
  4. Now as for whipping up the magical solution, please add two tablespoons of dishwasher powder into water and stir and mix properly. If you don’t have dishwasher powder, you can go for bleaching powder as well. 
  5. This is the step where the magic begins to happen. Please soak only the sole of your shoes into the water for at least 15 minutes. Make sure that the water in your bucket stays warm for that long. 
  6. Once the time is up, take the sole out of the water and rub it with a clean cloth. You will note a definite improvement.

All hail the nail polish remover!

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Another one that works like a charm! However, we must warn you that if your dirty shoes are made of colorful fabric or similar material, then this cleaning method is not for you. It will damage the fabric and the color, mission abort if you have the aforementioned type of shoes! But if what you are trying to clean has white soles, then you can proceed without any trepidations. Follow the protocol as follows:

  1.  Soak a cotton bud in a nail polish remover. 
  2. Use the soaked cotton bud to apply remover on the dirty area of the shoe sole. 
  3. Please ensure that you are scrubbing uniformly in the dirty areas. Otherwise, a much-distorted outcome can be expected. 
  4. Once the nail polish remover has been applied uniformly, you will have to remove it with the help of a clean cotton ball. Make sure that you have removed every single drop of remover from the sole surface. 
  5. The outcome must resemble the original state in which you bought the pair.

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If you need a nail polish remover for the method that we have just described, here is an option that you can consider. This acetone-based remover features a non-drying formula and gets the job done.

Toothpaste does a little more than cleaning your teeth!

Fluoride got power folks! Don’t believe it? Follow the protocol and see the magic unfold before your eyes!

  1. The first step is of course removing that big mound of loose dirt. 
  2. Squeeze out some toothpaste from the tube, and ensure its uniform application on the sole surface. 
  3. The next step is that of scrubbing. Again, a focused and thorough effort is required in this regard.
  4. Once you see the dirt is finally coming off, you need to remove the applied paste. 
  5. Clean and clear any paste that might be left on the sole of the shoe with the help of a clean cloth.

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Pretty sure all of you reading these lines brush your teeth regularly. But in case you were looking for something really strong, here is a premium quality option that you can consider. This brush is effective for both your teeth and shoe sole. Here is a sentence we thought we would never say!

How can vinegar be of help?

Why is it that whenever some mess happens, vinegar is there to support us in our testing times? How can it help in the present scenario? Read on to know more!

  • 1- We are going to assume that you have sliced and shaken off the loose dirt from the sole.
  • 2- Now soak a clean piece of cloth in some vinegar.
  • 3- Rub like you this is the last time you are going to. Your efforts will bear fruit when the stains come off.
  • 4- Once the dirt and stains have vanished, you must wash away the odor of vinegar with some water.
  • 5- You can wear the shoe again once it has been dried.

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Ran out of your stock of vinegar? Not an issue, book, and order for some of this stuff. A gallon of this can take care of a month’s mess-ups in your house!

The rubber cleaning guide

Rubber cleaning is a lot less tedious job than cleaning dirt on any other type of shoe sole. Follow the steps that we have outlined for you in the following lines, and you will understand what we are trying to tell you. Ah, here we go again!

  • 1- Please note that the first step in cleaning an extremely muddy pair of shoes is always going to be loosening off big, dry chunks of mud that have become glued to the sole of your shoes. Come to think of it, it is better if you remove loose dirt from all parts of the shoe under cleaning operation.
  • 2- Put your shoes in a roomy enough container, and fill the container with lukewarm water. The trick here again is to ensure that you are filling water only up to the sole level. The idea is to clean the bottoms of the shoe you have to return and not damage them any further.
  • 3- Go with the baking soda-detergent formula that we have explained in one of the earlier sections of this discussion. As for the quantities, well if the water is around two liters, then two tablespoons of detergent and baking soda each ought to do the trick. Uniform stirring is essential at this stage of the procedure.
  • 4- Now, soak the rubber sole in water. But please ensure that you are not soaking it for more than 10 minutes.
  • 5- Once the time is up, take the shoe out of the water and clean the sole surface with the help of a sturdy toothbrush.
  • 6- Repeat the process in case you are not satisfied with the results. You can also opt for the toothbrush method that we have discussed in detail earlier as well.
  • 7- Once the shoe soles have been completely relieved of any dirt or stains, you need to let them dry naturally. Please don’t experiment with blow dryers and stuff, not every shoe’s fabric is up to withstand that sort of air pressure.

Tired of grass stains? Try these cool tricks!

Are your shoes grassing on you to grass? That’s the level of weird thoughts that leap up to mind when one becomes a victim of grass stains daily. After the mud, the biggest enemy of the shine of your shoes is that grass stain that annoys the hell out of you. And for the right reasons too! Peeps, we get your indignation, hence we are going to share with you some hassle-free tips and tricks that you can use to rub off that green taint from your expensive shoes which you have to return!

Ever tired of alcohol rubbing pads?

Trust me you don’t need to know any rocket science for this method. All you are supposed to do is to rub some alcohol pads on greenish areas. Magic will unfold in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds!

How about some vinegar?

We have already explained the efficacy of vinegar in curbing off the dirt burden. Turns out, it is extremely effective against green stains as well. 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar on a wet cloth ought to do the trick. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can repeat the procedure. Once you are satisfied, you will need to do something about the acidic odor of vinegar. Can’t walk into work smelling like that, can we? We recommend water and wiping it with a dry cloth.

The peroxide phenomenon

Bleach plus peroxide is a combination more powerful than pretty much everything we have told you so far. Hence, you will need to be a little extra cautious while dabbling with this combination as well. 3 tsp. bleach and 2 tsp. of peroxide poured into half a cup of water form a solution that can bid farewell to grass stains on your shoe’s sole in no time. To avoid any accidents, we advise you to apply this solution using a sponge. As for the time, thirty minutes ought to do the trick in our opinion!

Why wearing shoes inside your house is not ideal

Do you care about your and your family’s health? If yes, then please don’t wear your work boots inside your house. We know we are deviating a bit from the main topic, but this is important! Don’t believe us? Read on if you don’t, there are a few surprises for you alright!

Risk of pathogens

Studies have established that the sole of your shoe can be one of the easiest ways viruses and bacteria can enter your house.

Shoes are toxic

Sounds weird but is actually true! The sole of your shoe might be made of chemical polymers which can break down into toxic residual material.

Bugs and mites

Just like viruses and bacteria, bugs and mites can hop onto your shoes and enjoy a free run in your home later.

Bare feet is the way to go!

For improved blood circulation, physiotherapists recommend patients walk barefooted at home. How about you try that from now onwards, instead of wearing shoes in your home?

Got an extremely white rubber shoe? We get your pain!

It can drive you mad to see the white of your new shoes not being white anymore. But we must ask you to be calm and recall all the wisdom that we have shared with you in this discussion. Anything that can be helpful jumps to mind? Full marks to you, if you have correctly recalled the detergent/bleaching powder formula. That’s the sort of stuff that can help you in such a scenario.

Final thoughts

That would be all from this discussion. We wish we could go on a bit further and share a few more tips and tricks about removing dirt from your shoes. Unfortunately, that is all we could manage in the limited time and space we had reserved for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are quite optimistic that you learned something if not everything new about shoe cleaning methods from this discussion.

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