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Stop Leather Boots from Squeaking

Leather boots are one of the popular forms of footwear. It has a reputation of giving comfort to the users. But one problem it poses is the squeaking effect while walking.

Though the squeaking of boots may not cause any unhealthy conditions, it is bothersome if it is frequently happening. You may think that after a hundred uses, this will automatically vanish, but it may become intolerable for you. So you will find yourself searching for the solutions for this.

Here in this article, we have come forward to share some handy ideas to get rid of the embarrassing situation. Even we have discussed below what might be the possible reasons for this situation. You may find out a suitable solution for yourself.

Why Do Leather Boots Squeak?

In general, friction and stiffness are two primary reasons for the squeaking sound of the boots. Here we can give other feasible reason for squeaking boots-

Imperfection in Manufacturing

Manufacturers create the soles and the upper parts of the boots separately. Later they attach these two separate parts, and this process involves different techniques. But while attaching these two, due to imperfection in manufacturing, air pockets can be formed in the remaining parts. It will lead to the squeaking sound of the boot.

New Pairs of Boots

While a manufacturer is manufacturing a leather boot, it has to go through several treatments. That’s why the texture of the boots may turn as stiff as the wood. This causes the boot to squeak.

Boots Are Wet

This is another reason why leather boots squeak. During the time of manufacturing, some spongy features are added to the sole, the linings of the boots, and the sole, inner parts for the comfort of the feet.

When the boots are wet, the sponge absorbs the water. So when we use these boots, water inside gets pressurized, and then it seeps out from the boot. As a result, our boots sound squeaking.

Old Boots

When we use boots regularly, the stiffness gets disappeared. But in cases of the old boots, those may become stiff again. It may develop cracks, and the soles may get loose. Altogether the boots can go ruined.

So if one starts to use the boot again, all those above reasons will lead to the squeaking effect of the boots.

Outsole Are Tacky

The new outsole of a boot has a characteristic of being tacky. So it can’t leave the ground easily. So when we lift our feet off the ground, this feature adds a suction effect to the boots. And this is the reason why one’s boots may sound squeaking.

How to Stop Leather Boots from Squeaking?

Before we aim at stopping our boots from squeaking, you have first to identify which parts of the boots cause this sound. From thorough identification, one may find out generally three main parts of a boot squeak- the upper part, sole, and the innersole.

After pointing out, you may move on to the next step, that is, how to stop your leather boots from squeaking. Before beginning to discuss the procedures, you have to keep in mind that you must apply one method at a time. So here are the methods-

Use the Talcum Powder

When the insole of the boots is the cause of the boots squeaking, then the best way is to apply a sprinkle of talcum powder on the foot-bed. It will minimize the friction, which is the prime reason why boot squeaks. So this method can be another way to stop your boots from squeaking.

Use Oil to Soften the Boots

The upper part of the boots very often creates the sound of squeaking. So a better way to combat this situation is to use best shoe leather oil. It will give deep nourishment to the upper part and also will soften that. You can apply this method every week.

Use Boot Dryer

If your boots get drenched in water, it will dampen the leather leading to form cracks on the texture. It may also lead to the squeaking of the bots. Even sweats of the feet from daily use can cause the same.

So the best way to get rid of this situation is to use good boot dryers. It will effectively dry the boot and eliminate the possibility of squeaking.

Polish the Outsole

As we mentioned earlier that the tacky feature of the outsole creates a suction effect while walking. This ultimately lets the boots squeak. For this, we can use 60-grit sandpaper. Polish the paper over the outsole for a few minutes. But don’t apply any oil or powder. Otherwise, you may fall or slip.

Fixing the Sole

The sole may get detached from the boots. Even it can come out from the rest part of the shoe, including the heel area. If this is the case, you can use the best glue to attach the remaining part again. So it is another way to get rid of the problem of squeaking.

Seaming Insoles

Some shoes are manufactured in such a way that you can separate the parts of the insoles. So while walking, the parts can’t stay in places, so it will make your boots sound squeaking. If this is the case, you can use glue and attach those parts permanently.

Take Time to Start Using the Boots

If you are using new boots, it will be stiff, and all the frictions while walking will cause the boots to squeak. So take your time to break into your boots. Meanwhile, the stiffness will start to get vanished, and the texture of your boots will become smooth. Ultimately, it will lessen the squeaking effect of the shoe.

Before You Go

Here we have provided you with different ideas for combating the problems. The remedies are even easily available. So which suits you is totally up to your decision. Even though the squeaking resulting from your boots is not a very serious issue, but it can cause you embarrassment. So we hope that this guide can help you to find out the most convenient way of solving this issue.


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