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Saddle Soap for Boots

People with high fashion sense feel that boots are an integral part of fashion. Without it, a dressing may remain incomplete. So having boots implies great maintaining and cleaning those.

So people have been using saddle soaps for cleaning leather goods since the 18th century. That’s why it can be easily said that the use of saddle is new in the trend, preferably has a deep historical root.

Although to some people it is a bad practice as the shoe may lose its shiny effect, on the other people, saddle soap can revive the youthfulness of the boots. So the result is dependent on how much you are using the soaps. Frequent and excessive use may damage the look of the boots.

When to Use Saddle Soaps

One should use saddle soaps on boot with the purpose of deep cleaning, but not daily cleaning. The reason is saddle soap not only removes the stains and dirt off the shoe. With excessive use, it can also strip the leather off of the protective layer of oil. So it’s better not to overdo it.

So it is preferable if one uses the saddle soaps on boots once in every three months. But if you observe that your boots are getting dirty very frequently, you can use the soaps once in every two months.

How to Use Saddle Soaps

Your boot routine does involve the proper use of saddle soap. If you don’t have a decent idea about how to use this kind of soap, then it may damage the leather quality of your shoe. So here we have you a proper guideline about the use of saddle soaps-

Scrubbing the Shoes with Water

In the right step, you need to use water and some brush to scrub the boot. Here you can scrub off the dirt, oil, and grime from the surface of the boot.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that leather and water don’t act like friends. Water may not be the only behind damaging the leather. But if it dries on the surface of the boot, it can lead to cracking and crumbling on the leather surface.

So it is preferable to use running water from the faucet and then clean the water beads from the surface with dry and clean cloths.

Apply Saddle Soaps on Boots

After giving boots a rubdown with water, one can apply a good quality saddle soap on your boot in a clockwise motion. Then with a soft brush, you have to scrub the surface vigorously but gently. After a few minutes, you will see the dark and rich texture of your shoe.

Let the Boots Dry Out

The next step is quite difficult and time-consuming. With the washing process coming to an end, you have to dry your shoes very carefully. Otherwise, the leather can get damaged.

In this case, use a dry cloth to wash the extra water off the surface. The cloth will absorb the extra water and makes the process of drying a less harsh. Then keep the shoe in the shade for 24 hours.

Reconditioning the Boots

Once the boots get dried off, the next step involves reconditioning the boots. You can apply a good quality conditioner for the boots for proper nourishment. For a better result, you can leave the boots for a few hours before the next use.

Benefits for Using Saddle Soaps

This versatile soap offers various benefits. Here we have given some-

Safe way to wash leather boots

Sometimes it is difficult to wipe out the dirt or stains from the leather surface. So it is essential to use any cleaning agent. So for better and safe results, saddle soaps are the best agent. Any other cleaning can crack and crumble the surface of the boot due to its harshness.

Easy war to clean leather boots

To clarify this point, one has to understand that there is a clear difference between conditioners and saddle soap. The conditioner has a conditioning agent who will nourish the shoes and give a better texture.

On the other hand, saddle soap has both the agents- cleaning agents and conditioning agents. While the cleaning agent helps to wash off the dirt of the shoes, the conditioning agent conditions the shoe at the same time.

Keeps the boots from drying out

Our skin can get dry when it loses its moisture. Likewise, leather can dry out. When it dries out, it can get ruined, cracked, or crumbled. So the better way to protect it from drying out is to apply any moisturizer.

For this above reason, there is no better option but saddle soap. In modern times, saddle soaps are equipped with waxing properties. So applying saddle soap implies a healthy and long-lasting look.

Removes Grime, Stains, and Dirt

When the dirt, stain, and grimes get caked on the boots, clothes are not enough to wash those off. So the good news is saddle soap is equipped in such a way its cleaning agent can easily clear the dirt off of the shoes.

Provide Great Shine

Last but not least, boots are parts of our style statement. So its shiny feature is what we are concerned about. And yes, saddle soaps are the best options to maintain the shine on your shoes.

Cautions for Using Saddle Soaps

Though having several benefits, we can find out the other sides of saddle soaps where we have to be very cautious while those. While applying on leather boots, we have to be concerned about the fact that working boots are expensive and inconvenient.

So one may be hesitant to use saddle soap. Here are the few points-

First, the saddle soaps have a strong alkaline base of 9-10 degrees. On the other hand, leather has an acidic base of 7 degrees. So when we apply saddle soap frequently, the acidic and alkaline bases cannot neutralize each other. The effect of the alkaline gets more robust, thus leaving a significant impact on the leather.

Second, this soap can strip off the oily texture of the boots. Therefore, excessive use of the soaps can lead to a shortening of the longevity of the boots.

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