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How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big?

Investing in comfortable footwear is an essential thing that everyone needs. Quite a lot of people these days prefer buying their shoes online. As a result, many of them end up with a larger or wider shoe.

Indeed, finding a perfect shoe that provides maximum comfort is not so easy. Although it’s essential to look for good looking shoes, the most crucial thing is to buy the ones that make you feel good. All of us know the size of our shoes. But not many people realize that the number which indicates the size of shoes is a reference to the length of the feet.

Ever bought a pair of shoes just because you fell in love with it when you saw your friend wearing one? Or have you bought one because it looks nice? Well, if you’re lucky, you may find it nice and comfortable, but a lot of times it doesn’t work out.

Looking out for size is one of the most common methods which a lot of people use when they’re shopping for their shoes. But did you know that there are some other signs or indicators which you must consider to make sure that your footwear fits you perfectly?

Today, we will be discussing the things you need to look for when buying your footwear online or at the stores. Here you will learn how to tell if the shoes are too big for you, and you’ll also learn about the ill effects of wearing shoes that are too big.

Let us first learn how to determine whether a particular pair of shoes is right for you.

Choosing the right shoes.

A lot of times, people only look for the size and make hasty decisions without even trying the shoes on. This is a common mistake which many of us make. Of course, it’s essential to know the size of your feet and buy the shoes accordingly. But you also need to consider a few things.

Let’s say you are used to buying your shoes without actually trying them, and it works most of the time. If you fit into this category, maybe your instincts are pretty good. But how about those times when your shoes turn out to be slightly smaller, more significant, or broader? In this case, you may want to give up wearing those shoes since it gives you pain and discomfort. You don’t want to be doing that. Not only would you be wasting your hard-earned money, but you’re also hurting yourself. Let’s consider the following cases.

Know your feet, and its size.

Not everyone has the same type of feet. Of course, it’s obvious that the length of the feet varies a lot, but it’s important to note that some have wider feet. For example, you and your brother wear the same shoe sizes. But yours or your brother’s feet may be wider than the other.

In this case, your feet may not fit into your brother’s shoes. Even if you manage to put them on, it might not be very comfortable. This is why information about the type of shoes you wear, and of course, your feet are essential.

Try them on with your socks.

There is a group of people who put on the shoes before buying them. This is a good practice. But even they don’t consider trying new shoes without their socks. Well, this might not sound as important, but it can change the way you buy your shoes. Unless you don’t like wearing socks, this is a bad practice which you need to quit.

When you’re buying new shoes, and you want to try them on to see if it’s a good fit, it’s a good idea to wear the shoes with the type of socks you usually wear. This will tell you whether the shoes are too big or too snug.

Put your shoes on and pace around the room.

Another good practice which you must follow is taking a few steps forward and backward. Remember that you’re paying for those shoes, and you’re not going to be charged an extra fee for walking around the room with a new pair of shoes. Just sitting and trying to figure out if the shoes are a good fit or not won’t work, you can feel it by walking. After all, you won’t be sitting in one place with those shoes, are you?

Do the shoes have laces?

If the shoes you’re looking to buy don’t have laces, you can find the perfect fit by doing the steps mentioned above. However, if the shoes have laces, make sure to put them on and tie the laces firmly.

If you feel like the shoes are too wide without the laces, then it’s too big for you. Find a smaller one and do the same thing.

Watch out for the gap between your big toe and the inside of your shoe.

Put on the new shoes and remain in a seated position. Then try to move your big toe. If you can’t feel the gap between the top part of your shoe, and your toe, it’s too small. On the other hand, if you can slide your feet forward or backward on the inside of the shoe, it’s too big.

Preferably, the distance between your big toe and the top part of your shoe should not be more than half an inch. Keep in mind that your feet can expand slightly on hot, humid days, and the gap must be there to compensate for the expansion.

Additional tips.

You could apply the same tricks discussed above even if you buy the shoes from online stores. However, keep in mind that you may not be able to return it if you removed the tags, or the return period has expired.

This is why it is advised to carefully read the terms and conditions, and the return policy before placing your order. Also, keep the tags intact so that you can send it back if it does not fit, or you don’t like it.

How ill-fitting shoes can affect your health.

Wearing the right shoe size is extremely important. It not only gives you comfort and enhances your looks, but it also offers several benefits. If you think you’re wearing the right shoe size, but you’re experiencing foot deformities, foot pain, or you are not very comfortable walking, it’s a sign that your shoes are too big or too snug.

Here are some of the side effects of wearing the wrong shoe size.

Foot pain.

According to researchers, the main cause of foot deformities and foot pain is wearing the wrong shoe size.

And interestingly, it’s not always because the shoes are too big or too tight. The shape of the shoe also adds to the discomfort. So, it’s crucial to know the shape of your feet. Do not always go for the latest fashion, buy your shoes that meet your need.

Toenails problems.

This is a prevalent problem with many people wearing tight or snug shoes. If the shoes are too small, a lot of pressure is added to your toes (especially the big toe) whenever you walk. As a result, the toenails are forced to grow sideways and into your skin.


Wearing oversized shoes can cause you to walk weirdly or unnaturally. In an attempt to walk correctly, you’d be forced to contract your toes frequently. This can result in foot problems like hammertoes.


A lot of people think that blisters are only associated with tight shoes, but even bigger or wider shoes can cause blisters. As you walk around, your feet will rub against the shoes, which creates friction and results in blisters.

Foot corn.

This is a pretty common issue amongst women who wear high heels most of the time. If the shoes are too big, a lot of pressure is added on the toes. This can result in foot corn.

Lastly, bigger or wider shoes can cause you to fall easily, especially while running. This is because the shoes are too big, and it does not provide the traction and support you need to run. Besides, you have a higher chance of falling when walking the stairs or other slippery surfaces.

What can you do if your shoes are too big?

Although we do not recommend you buying big shoes, if you already own one, here is a trick you should try.

Put on thick socks. Sounds weird right, well this might not be the ideal solution if you’re living in a hot region, but this is an old trick which works. It will be able to accommodate the gaps and allow you to walk more comfortably.

Final words.

The best thing you can do is to avoid buying the wrong shoes. Even if you ordered one, you could always seek a replacement. If at all you happen to have one that doesn’t fit well, there are several ways you can do to rectify the situation. You just need to do a bit of research on your own.

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