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How to stop shoes from squeaking?

Imagine yourself walking in front of 1000 people or an audience in a conference room when you take that careful steps to look formal, but your shoes cheat you, dump you with squeaky noise. How annoying and irritating it is? Instead of looking at you, everybody’s eyes go straight to notice what type of shoes you are wearing, what is that awkward sound from you. Now, your steps to the stage slow down to avoid that squeaky noise, but the sound neither slows down nor goes away.

The next thing you do after that meeting is to jump to the internet looking for a perfect solution. Never feel alone; we all have been there at one time or the other. But before jumping into solutions, let us understand what squeaky noise is and how it is produced and is every squeaky sound considered as noise.

Do only shoes produce squeaky sound?

Not! Have you forgotten the sound you hear when the car brake is applied? Some cars produce a squeaky noise when brakes are applied. The squeaky noise is produced by many objects when there is moisture between two objects, and they come in contact with each other, which in turn produces backward and forward motion.

Where is the sound produced?

Knowledge of where the sound is produced in the shoe is a must. Find the sound production house by walking. Give pressure at different places while walking and find where the sound is produced exactly.

Finding where the sound is produced and acting is much easier compared to trying all methods and wasting time and energy and finally being fed up.

Is there good squeaky sound and bad, squeaky noise?

Sound, as you know, is produced when two objects come in contact with each other. The sound you hear from is because of the vibrating objects (in your case, your shoe).

The squeaky noise is caused by the forward and backward motion of the shoe soles. Squeaky noises in car brake and other objects need careful examination since it may be a result of some damage or repair in the system. Most of the squeaky noise may not be because of damage, but when your heel or boots is making this noise, you must refrain from running as it may lead to tearing of the heel or broken heel.

So, let us learn what is good and bad and also learn how to reduce or altogether avoid the squeaky noise. There are inexpensive methods that you can work from your home.

What to do if mine is suede?

Suede is a type of fuzzy leather that is used mostly in cold weather countries. If your suede is making that squeaky noise, then look for conditioners or spray that is specially designed for this type of leather.

Drop a small amount of conditioner and rub it against your suede shoe. Then, dry with a cloth afterward.

Is the squeaky sound produced inside of the shoe?

As requested earlier, walk by applying pressure at different places in the shoe and if you found that the sound is produced inside the shoe, then spray or sprinkle baby powder or starch or baking powder. Take your insoles and apply the above-mentioned powder. Applying anyone of the powder would be sufficient. Allow them to dry and then walk.

What if my insoles are non-removable?

Some shoes may have an insole that is a non-removable and squeaky sound producing area, maybe that. Stopping the squeaky sound from here would be difficult. You can rub against the edges in the shoe base.

If the tongue of the shoes is producing the squeaky sound, then spray the powder in and around the laces.

If the base of the shoes is producing the sound, then try applying the powder where the edges of the base are seen.

These edges are exposed more to the outer environment and are susceptible to water content. Hence, the moisture content may be producing this squeaky sound. Removing that may completely remove the sound produced too.

Do you have coconut oil?

The coconut oil, as many of us know, acts as a lubricant. That is the exact reason why coconut oil is seen as being used for vehicles or doors that produce squeaky sounds. This is the exact reason why we are going to use it for our beautiful shoes also.

Take out your insole form the shoe and apply the coconut oil. This should be applied as a thin layer. You can repeat this process if your shoe produces squeaky noises again.

What if mine is a heel?

In case if your heel is the problem, then find if your heel is loose or tight. If it is loose, then apply some glue and stick it tight. Or, in case you see a small hole or disjoint in the heel, then apply a small amount of caulk into the disjoint and wrap it tightly with a cloth.

Let it dry for a night. You can remove the wrap and check it out if the squeaky sound is not present or still a feeble sound is produced. Be careful when you walk with this heel the following day as the fix may not be proper or still issue persists.

In case you feel the uncomfortable or squeaky sound is still produced, then you must approach a shoe repair professional or a cobbler for fixing the issue.

Do you have liquid silicon?

Yes, liquid silicon can solve your squeaky problem because of the chemical power that the silicon has. Silicon is beneficial by repelling the water, which is what exactly needed for us at this time.

If you have liquid silicon in a spray bottle, then wear a mask (recommended and keep children away from fumes caused) and spray it evenly in the place and allow it to dry for some time. After you are sure that it has dried, then you can wear it without worrying.

Candle wax is another home remedy. Do you know?

If your shoe has a buckle and that is the place where you hear squeaky noise, then use candle wax as a solution. This acts as a barrier between the two objects from producing the squeaky sound.

How to use baby powder?

Have you ever thought that the powder that keeps your little ones cool can also be used to calm your shoes? The baby powder can be used as a diaper rash treatment, shoe squeaking solution.

Mostly squeaking is caused by rubbing of soles against the leather. You can sprinkle this baby powder against the area under the soles and let it settle for some time. Then you can check for the squeaky sound. The baby powder will mostly solve the squeaky issue.

Saddle soap can also be used on the tongue portion of the shoes as a solution for the squeaking.

Keep reading for FYI…

Where to look is the first step you must take when you think of solving the squeaky noise raised from your shoe occasionally.

The shoe professionals are quick in determining the issue’s origin. No wonder we call them professional. They can identify the issue by the origin, texture, and structure of the shoe itself. The shoe has various parts, which we mostly are unaware of. The shoe has welt, shank, insole, tongue, and heel counter, which are more affected by squeaky noise.

These professionals would be able to dissect these parts and re-assemble correctly.

Maybe it is a manufacturing defect!

Yes, some shoes may cause this squeaking issue due to issues during manufacturing. In case if you find your new shoe squeaking, it is advised to return the order and ask for replacement or return the money.

We all are curious to solve by ourselves, but any manufacturing defect is present in the shoe, and you are trying to fix it would be like adding fuel to the fire. The order will not be accepted for replacement, and your favorite shoe’s squeakiness would never be fixed.

Prefer repair than buy a new one.

We all know how leather products are manufactured. When you always prefer buying a new pair of shoes just because it has a small issue rather than taking it to the professional repair person, it is no way useful to the environment, which in turn for yourself.

Try and come out of the ‘Throw the old one and buy a new pair’ culture. Look for options to reuse and recycle. Your old shoe repair would save many lives. Let us develop a skill of repairing our shoe, which will save our time, make us creative, and help the world for the future.

Replacing the once-favorite items just because something new has popped up in society is not going to help us. Look for services that brands offer for repair, watch videos on how to fix the issue, read articles on what are the possible items that could go wrong and brain-storm with your kid, spouse, and spend the time in a useful and productive manner.

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