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How To Kill Fungus In Shoes

Do your shoe stinks a lot when you wore off your shoes? This is an oft-dreaded sign of an infection of foot fungus. For more extreme situations, the sign your toenails can show, such as discoloring of foot nails, becoming crumbly and thick, and also by pulling off from the nail beds. Itching, blisters, peeling, and crackling can also plague your feet. This article can help you with removing the fungus in the shoes. The fungus names Tinea is highly responsible for the athlete’s foot, which is contracted through the infected person or touching the surface, which is contaminated.

The fungus in shoes is caused due to trapped moisture in it. Warm, dark, and moist environments are the perfect ground breeding for the fungus, and also, the shoes fit out the bill. The dirt and sweat which were found in your shoes are the main things that allow the fungus to grow in shoes. You may think about how to kill the fungus in your shoes faster? There are some steps that you need to do for killing fungus in your shoes. Let’s check out the steps which you need to do.

Have Multiple Pairs Of Shoes And Socks

If you wear boots all day, then you must check out the numerous pairs of shoes which you can easily swap out in a day. If you sweat in the moisture environments, then two sets of shoes will be the best for you in this situation.

If you wore the same pair of socks for multiple days, then it will grow up the chances for growing fungus growth. Including this, the dark socks are also the best thing to absorb the heat and will also allow you to sweat more and more. So, it is better to keep an extra pair of socks with you if you sweat a lot in moisture days.

The Antiseptic Foot Spray

It works as destroying the bacteria. Like, fungi are a product of bacteria, and also the disinfectant will also be useful for killing the fungus. While you purchase the disinfectants for the fungus shoes, you may check out that some sprays work as a double duty of keeping your foot perspires. Many showers are also multi-purposeful and also portable.

You must check out the quality and do not go for the cheap one because if you choose out the wrong spray, it can ruin your shoe as well as your foot. Whereas, several options are there to take, and even bleach is not essential for employing the form of the shoe disinfectant.

Purpose Of The Shoe Sanitizers

It is a type of small machine that you can put in your shoe to keep your pump fresh and clean. This helps as the ultraviolet rays, which is projected by the sanitizer, helps to kill the bacteria, microbes, and the fungi within the less or equal to 25 minutes. If you spray the sanitizer in the shoes will help you to kill the bacteria which you cannot even see in the shoes.


As you know that sunlight has ultraviolet rays, so if you are drying out the shoes in the sunshine, then the ultraviolet rays can quickly help you out to kill the fungus in the invasive shoe. The sunlight will help you to fight against the spores of the boots. If you combine this method with the anti fungi spray and the powder, then it can work as the best one for keeping the mildew out of your shoes.

Apply Vinegar On Your Shoes

Vinegar is one of the best media for appliances in the pump for avoiding the fungus in the boot. Due to the acidity of the vinegar, it will help you to prevent the growth of the bacterial mildew. It works as same as the detergent, which helps to clear out the bacterial growth in your shoes and stop the stinginess of your shoe.

Application Of Tea Bags

By using the tea bags can also help you to prevent the stinginess in your shoe. Due to the tea bags, it absorbs the smell of the shoe and releases the fresh fragrance inside your shoes. You will need to put the tea bags in the shoes and keep in for an overnight, and then after that, you could smell that there will not be any bad smell in the shoes.

Soak Feet In The Lysol

Soaking your feet in the Lysol can also help you clean your feet and also kills all the fungus in the toenails, and also it will help for not producing fungus in the shoes. Highly many doctors recommend this method for soaking your feet in the Lysol will help your toenail to get cleaned and also kills the right amount of the bacteria in that. It will help your shoe to be stingy.

Application Of Baking Soda

By using the baking soda can also help you to prevent the stinginess in your shoe. Due to the baking soda, it will help you to absorb the smell of the shoe. You will need to put the baking soda in the shoes and keep in for an overnight, and then after that, you could smell that there will not be any bad smell in the shoes.

Freeze Your Shoes

It is the method that is known to very fewer people that freezing the boots can also help you to remove the stinginess of your shoe. You can wrap up the pump in the plastic and also put the shoes in the freezer for the overnight. It will help you to kill the bacteria which are responsible for producing the odor.


These are the ways that can help you to kill the bacteria in your shoe and will produce a stingy-free nature of the shoe. No need to embarrass the terrible smell of your shoe. You will need to apply these steps in your shoe to make it fresh.

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