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How to Get Creases Out of Shoes.

There is something quite satisfying about wearing new shoes. The fresh smell, the natural color, and of course, the brand new look! Shoes are a subtle way to flex your fashion credentials and, in some way, your personality. A pair of statement and comfortable shoes can elevate your confidence significantly, and you begin walking with a spring in every step.

But when the creases start forming in your beloved shoes, it can be a bummer. It is not so bad when there is only the slightest wrinkle at the vamp or the throat of the shoe. However, the creases get more in number and wider as the shoe ages.

Creases can look very unsightly, especially when they are in dress shoes or formal footwear. It can make you look ragged and also break your entire outfit.

But this does not mean that you stop wearing them or worse, throw them away. In such cases, if you know how to get creases out of shoes, it can be extremely beneficial. Not only do you get to restore life into your favorite pair of shoes. You also get to save money in two ways:

  • You save money as you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes.
  • You also save the money that you might have to give to a fancy cobbler.

So if you have got creases in your shoes, welcome to this post. It is all about getting them out of your shoes and breathing life into them.

Let’s get started.

How to get creases out of shoes.

You are aware that different shoes are made of different materials. So this means that the technique you use to get rid of creases also differs.

First, let’s tackle the shoes made of leather.

In leather shoes, there are two types of creases – a recently developed crease or an old one.

To remove a recently developed crease in a leather shoe, there are two ways.

  • Use high-quality oil to massage the crease. You can use a soft cloth and apply slight pressure and massage for five minutes or more. You can also massage with your fingers if you don’t mind getting a bit greasy.

After you see that the oil is saturated into the leather, mount the shoe on a shoe tree. Allow it to rest overnight before wearing the shoe.

  • The second method is to mount the shoe onto a shoe tree that fits the shoes perfectly. Don’t move or touch it for about two weeks. If the crease is a recent one, it will get smoothed out.

To remove an old and deep crease in a leather shoe.

If the crease in your shoe is old, it is probably deep too. So you need to try other methods to get rid of the crease. There are three methods for this type of crease.

Using iron.

  • To begin, stuff the shoe with old newspapers or clothes.
  • Next, wrap a soft damp cloth around the shoe.
  • Next, plug in a cloth iron and set it on medium heat. Before you start ironing the shoes, conduct the heat test on an area such as the tongue so that the heat does not change the color of the shoe. This is especially crucial if your leather shoes are a lighter shade.
  • Gently iron the creases on the shoe. Continue ironing the crease until you are satisfied with the results.
  • Next, mount the shoe you just ironed on a shoe tree and leave it to recover for a week or two. The creases should have improved by then.
  • Use a high-quality leather conditioner to condition the shoe before you use it.

Using a blow dryer or a heat gun.

  • Mount the creased shoe on a shoe tree. A shoe tree is also called a shoe stretcher in some parts of the world.
  • Use a blow dryer or a heat gun on the creases of the leather. Make sure to move the blower or the gun continuously to avoid burning the shoe.
  • When you feel that the leather is sufficiently heated, rub the creased parts on the shoe tree to stretch them out. You can also massage the area with your hands as well. However, take care that you do not burn your hands.
  • When the shoe has completely cooled down, apply a good quality cream conditioner. Mount it on the shoe stretcher and leave it undisturbed for a few days. The crease should have stretched out by then, and you can continue using the shoe.

Using rubbing alcohol.

Things you will need –

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

To begin, mix the rubbing alcohol and water in the same ratio in the spray bottle. Make sure that they are in equal ratio as too much alcohol can dry the leather of the shoe.

Now, spray the solution on the creases. Massage the creased area with your hands or a soft cloth and allow it to dry.

After the leather is dry, apply a good quality leather conditioner and massage it very well. Mount the shoe on a shoe tree and allow it to rest for a week before you use the shoe.

How to get creases out of sneakers.

Sneakers and other types of shoes made of synthetic materials can also develop creases. But unlike leather, if you don’t take care of the crease while in its initial stages, the creases can get deeper and result in your sneakers getting torn.

So the earlier you take care of the crease in your sneakers, the better.

Things you will need to remove the crease.

  • Old newspapers, cloth or tissue
  • Steaming iron or a cloth iron that can steam
  • A pair of washcloths or old towels
  • Shoe stretcher or shoe tree
  • Water

First, stuff the old newspapers inside the shoe. Keep stuffing until the shoe starts bulging, and the creases are not as visible. An alternative is to use old cloths or tissue papers.

Next, soak the washcloths or the towels in the water. Strain out the excess water, but keep them damp. Use them to cover the shoe where you need to stretch out the crease. This protective barrier will keep the shoe from burning.

Use the steam iron to flatten out the creases in the shoe. Occasionally lift up the cloth to see where you need to focus and also to see if the creases have lifted.

Continue steaming the creases until you are satisfied with the results.

  1. While shoes are still warm, mount them on a shoe stretcher. But here you need to make sure that the shoe tree is a perfect fit to avoid stretching out the shoe excessively.
  2. Allow the shoe to rest for a couple of days before you start wearing your favorite pair of sneakers. You can also allow the sneakers to cool down completely and start wearing them, but it will shorten the lifespan of the smoothened creases.

There is another way of getting rid of creases from your sneakers. It was popularized by the social influencer and YouTuber Shantel De Bonsu.

For this you will need:

  • Old cloth or any fabric to stuff the shoe
  • A damp towel or any washcloth
  • Steaming iron
  • Start by stuffing the shoe until you cannot put any more in it.
  • Next, cover the shoes with a damp towel or cloth. Fold the towel or the fabric twice before you cover it to make sure that you don’t burn the shoe.
  • Iron the crease of the shoe for about two minutes or as long as you are satisfied. You can hold the shoes in your hands. But if you are not the most coordinated person, keep the shoe firmly on an ironing board or a table.
  • Occasionally remove the towel to see if the creases are ironed completely.
  • Your once-creased shoe should be looking for brand new, and you are ready to flaunt your shoes!

The trick works for any shoes that are made of leather or synthetic material. However, for a pair of shoes made of synthetic material, you should keep the heat at a medium to avoid burning the shoe.

To watch the Shantel De Bonsu video, click here.

If you are wondering if this hack works or not, you can check out this thread for all the testimonies that other people have posted.

Final words.

Creases in shoes are unfortunately a part of wear and tear. Irrespective of the quality of the materials, the constant motion and action can cause the shoe to crease. Although creases in a shoe are a testament that they are a favorite pair of shoes, it can look quite shabby.

So ironing out the creases in your shoes will take care of the appearance of the shoe as well as save you a couple of dollars. The methods and the hacks that we have shared in today’s post are by no means the ultimate solutions. However, they are pretty effective in getting rid of the creases, so be sure to give them a try.


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