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How To Darken Leather Boots

Leather boots are extremely durable and can last for several years. However, you may notice that your leather boots tend to lose their shine over time. Or it may start to look faded. Boots with tanned-shade or brown colored boots are more prone to this than your usual black leather boots. But no matter the shade, people love keeping their boots as new as possible. You can easily make this happen by re-coloring your leather boots or darkening it with several methods. You can even do this with ease in the comfort of your own home without spending much money.

Here are some of the easiest and best ways for you on how to darken leather boots without any hassle:

Darkening with Leather Dye:

Leather dyes are readily available in the market. You can either purchase it online or at your nearest retail stores. This is an excellent way of darkening your leather boots.

First, before getting started with the process, make sure to wear a rubber glove. This will protect your hands from any contact with the dye chemicals. Leather dyes may stain your surroundings and are harmful if you breathe it in too much. So, it is best suggested to work in an open space, away from your living area, while working with leather dyes.

There are two types of leather dyes- water-based and oil-based dyes. Oil-based dyes are more durable. However, if you wish to repaint your boots with different colors often, then you can opt for water-based dyes.

Make sure your leather boots are thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the dye. You can dab in the dye on a sponge or cotton cloth for applying it to your boots. Applying the dye with a brush may leave some creases on your boots, so it is advised to use a soft sponge or cloth for best results.

Apply the leather dye in circular motions as evenly as possible. Once you are done applying the first layer, let it dry at room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours. Then, you can apply the second layer of the dye and allow it to dry for another 24 hours. You can repeat this process until your boots reach your preferred shade.

However, this method might dry out your leather boots. To prevent this, make sure to moisten your boots with a leather conditioner once you are done with the process.

Darkening with Vegetable Oils:

Using vegetable oil is one of the cheapest ways of darkening your boots. Although this may not be the best option for the long run, it does the job quite well. Coconut oil and olive oil are the best picks for this job. Chances are, you may already have them in your kitchen or can buy them at any grocery shop.

Use a clean cloth for applying the oil on your boots. First, pour around three to four caps of oil onto the cloth. Start rubbing in the oil evenly on your boots. Make sure not to apply an excess amount since this may leave permanent stains on your boots.

Apply the first layer and also massage it with your hands for better application. Let it dry for 24 hours before applying another layer or wearing them.

One thing you need to remember while using vegetable oil is to ensure the oil is in a liquid state before application. Also, make sure your oil is not stale.

Darkening with Animal-Fat Oils:

Some animal fat oils such as mink oil or neatsfoot oil are an ideal pick when it comes to darkening your boots as well as conditioning them. These oils may cost you more than your regular oils. However, they provide you with better results.

These oils are very effective. So, it is best suggested to use it only in small quantities as an excess of it may cause permanent stains on your boots. It is best to apply them in multiple layers.

You do not require any cloth for applying these oils on your boots. Simply, take a small quantity of it on your fingers and start applying it evenly on your boots. Massage the oil onto your boots gently, until the leather can no longer seep in the oil.

For this process, drying your boots at room temperature is not required. Instead, let them dry near the sunlight or some heating source for up to 24 hours before wearing them.

This is also a great way of waterproofing your boots.

Darkening with Leather Polish:

This is only a temporary way of darkening your boots, and the results may not last long. It is also one of the easiest. It is recommended to get a polish that is darker than the shade of your current boots. So, depending upon the color of your boots, you can buy the ideal polish and get started.

There are three types of polish- creamy, wax, or liquid. A wax or liquid polish is more suitable for leather boots as it adds a glossy finish and also protects the leather.

You can apply the polish by using a clean cloth and a polish brush. First, make sure to dust off any dirt off your boots and clean them with a dry cloth. Then, apply the polish in circular motions with the help of a cloth. After this, you can use the shoe brush and gently brush your shoes for extra shine.

In this method, you can even directly wear your boots on without any drying period.


Some several options and products are readily available in the market for darkening your leather boots. You can conveniently and easily darken your boots by using them. However, the process of cleaning your boots before applying any product on them is also vital. It can go a long way in maintaining the durability of your boots. Always make sure to dust off any excess dirt and dry clean your boots before starting any darkening process. And also, make sure to condition your leather boots after using products that might dry out the leather.


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