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Healthcare Shoes

Health care shoes might not be the most attractive, but individuals in the medical profession can attest to their effectiveness. Medics work on their toes and have little time to sit or rest, which calls for proper footwear that can stand the day to day beating and obliterate the unnecessary fatigue, back strain, and pain in the legs.

Uncomfortable footwear will not only impact your health negatively but will also make you less productive. The human feet are like the foundation of a house, they have to hold you up without feeling pressured, and if the latter happens then, you are as good as done for the day.

However, both long and short term effects come with the constant wearing of improper shoes such as the development of nail and fungal problems, the development of cons, and the development of the ingrown nails. Long term problems are such as back pains, joint pains, and collapsed arches.

Nursing shoes over the years have evolved from white to incorporating other colors, because of the previous problem of maintaining the white color. What’s more, is that the color of the scrubs has also changed, so it is only fair that the shoes correspond to the attire. Health care shoes are, therefore, available in a wide variety from slip-on, to clogs, sketchers, mules, sneakers, and trainers.

All the varieties mentioned above feature a simple professional design, and even though some of the shoes are fancy, they will blend with your home clothes and scrubs, so it is comfort all the way.

Qualities of good healthcare shoes

Any good shoe should conform to the ergonomics of your feet, and that includes the nursing shoes. There are also other essential features that you should look at if you are planning on investing in the health care shoes, and the first important factor is the comfort derived from the inside part of the shoe.

Therefore, let’s talk about the anatomy of the inside part of a shoe; at the footbed, you need a comfortable, well-cushioned, and absorbent insole that will not retain moisture and lead to the development of bad odor.

The toe box needs to leave some space for your toes to wiggle, then we have the upper part, and here your shoes should be breathable. The construction should support your feet during the many movements along the hospital corridors.

Then we have the back part of the shoe; this is the area around the Achilles that needs to be cushioned, remember that this is one of the parts of a shoe that can really mess up your productivity. Pain in the Achilles or the toes will restrict movement, but overall the shoe should provide a snug fit. Other features are durability. However, you shouldn’t expect your shoe to give you a long term service when it is the only one that you put on day in day out.

The amount of walking that nurses do in a day requires more than one pair of shoe that is also made of good quality materials, and how will you know that the shoe will give you long service, well first check the brand and go through the reviews, see whether your fellow medics were able to utilize the shoe for a long time.

Also, check on the weight of the shoe, the thing with weights is that they slow you down, therefore, if you have heavy blocks that are meant to provide cushioning, but end up slowing you down and making you tired, then it is time you invested in a lightweight but well-cushioned healthcare shoes. Traction is the ability of a shoe to provide stability in slippery grounds.

Shoes with excellent traction won’t restrict you from roaming around the hospital and can tackle even the slippery tiled ground, besides with excellent traction comes high productivity, so ensure that your product description features an anti-slip sole description. The shoe also needs to feature a water-resistant upper part, initially during the Florence Nightingale era, white was a symbol of purity and freshness, and that is why nurses wore an all-white outfit including the shoes.

The idea was that they represented a germ-free profession and would, therefore, offer the best care and road to recovery. Now the reason the upper part of your shoe should be water-resistant is that there is no telling what liquid will accidentally spill on your feet, remember that nurses deal with peoples blood and other body fluids that might not be very healthy if they came into contact with your skin or worse if you have a healing cut. It becomes exposed to dangerous sloshing fluids.

With the above in mind, working with sneakers or sketchers should be after a careful evaluation of the working environment. Otherwise, a good shoe should have either leather or a rubber upper part that will repel the liquids instead of absorbing them.

The above feature is contradictive with the fact that your healthcare shoes should be breathable; however, you can never run out of options. Shoes made from leather tend to be breathable, flexible, and water-resistant, and if you must use sneakers or sketchers, some have perforations on the side. Ever thought about the shoe inserts (orthotics), some people have the problem type of feet that need shoes with comfortable arch support.

Besides, if you love your profession and want to work in healthcare for the longest time possible, then the type of shoe that you invest in should have a comfortable insole with a slightly raised arch or allow you to customize the shoe by inserting the doctor prescribed orthotics insole. Given the introduction of the multicolored shoes for the nurses, entrepreneurs saw this as a business opportunity and made the products in plenty.

You should, therefore, be able to find highly functional shoes at a reasonable price. However, they don’t come cheap. But remember if you get about three pairs, they should be able to last a while as you alternate and if the prices are too high and you wish to get the cheaper less durable ones, make sure that you always keep your eye out for the special offers or sale.

Types of comfortable healthcare shoes

Our health and comfort are the primary factors that should be taken into account whenever we go shoe shopping. And with that in mind, let us now sample some of the different types of comfortable shoes suitable for healthcare professionals.

Skechers Sport Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker

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Surprised that our first option is not the clogs, well, there is a good reason for this, but the clogs will come right after. Slip-on sneakers are not a common thing in the sports industry, because the laces are used to alter the fitting of the shoe. But for the medics, this type of shoe is a perfect fit, the soles have been made with rubber so that you can expect some excellent traction.

And the upper part is made of leather, thus enhances flexibility, breathability and the most important is that the shoe will serve you for long. The tongue and the collar have been padded to offer comfort to your feet such that you will even forget about your feet when busy. The padded collar greatly helps in preventing problems with the Achilles.

The footbed of the sketchers have been equipped with a supportive air cushion; this feature helps in reducing the weight of the shoe and does not interfere with its performance. So whenever you are walking or running and your foot strikes the ground, the air cushioning will absorb the impact and, in the process, protect your muscles tendons and joints.

The shoe is also equipped with a comfortable 1 ½ inch heel, for those who would love to add some extra height, besides when you walk on these types of heels there is that bouncy feel that even encourages you to run if you wish to without exerting unnecessary fatigue on your leg and body. The slip-on also comes in colors that can blend with your scrubs and are easy on and off shoes given the absence of laces.


  • Features a durable and sturdy sole
  • Has grooves on the sole that helps with traction
  • The leather material on the top part is easy to clean
  • The shoe is fairly priced


  • Takes a bit of time to break-in
  • The toe box is a bit too tight thus good for small feet individual

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Slip-On

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The one thing that health professionals are going to like about this shoe is the fact that it has been equipped with anti-fatigue technology. The feature offers users all-day standing support, and it extends up to the leg and the back. There is also a shock absorption feature, and the outer sole is slip-resistant on both dry and wet grounds.

So medics can move quickly without the fear of falling due to slipping; the footbed also offers immense support to the feet of the wearer, and this is because of the Bi-Fit Tri-density footbed. The upper part is made of leather material, thus easy to clean, is breathable and durable, and the sole is made of rubber material, so traction is guaranteed.

A close look at the sole of the shoes reveals that the platform and the heel have been enhanced for comfort and, therefore, prevents the uncomfortable feeling experienced when walking on pebbles. Lastly, the shoes are easy on and off; you will thus save the time that you could have used tying the shoelaces.


  • The shoe has been well cushioned for comfort
  • The shoes are water and stain proof
  • Temperature regulation in the foot enabled by the Bi-Fi Tri technology
  • Made from a strong, durable leather material


  • The shoe offers a tight fit at the top part
  • Produces a squeaky sound when still new

Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

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The Algeria Women’s Debra slip-on is the bomb when it comes to comfort without compromising style; for starters, the shoe is made of 100% leather with a synthetic sole. The heel and the platform have been enhanced for comfort, and the contrast stitches on the edges of the shoe add to its unique beauty. From the outlook, the shoe is spacious, and you just have to find your fit.

There is also the elastic goring detail that enables an individual to put the shoe on quickly.


  • Features an attractive design
  • The enhanced sole and heel offer comfort
  • Are easy to put on and remove
  • Made of durable material


  • Made with a synthetic sole
  • The print design fades away with time

Sketchers Performance Women’s Walk 4 Pursuit

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The sketcher’s performance women’s walking shoe features an easy slip-on design, but the toe box is a bit narrow for the wide feet individuals. The materials used in the manufacture of the shoe are light in weight so that medics can move fast and with ease. And talking about breathability, the shoes upper is made with a breathable mesh, so there is no chance of sweating or bad odor.

The inside part has been made with a soft fabric lining to enhance comfort on the feet, and the insole is made of the Goga max high rebound, which absorbs shock when the wearer is moving. The midsole has been equipped with a highly responsive 5 GEN midsole cushioning. Lastly, the shoe features a durable synthetic material on the inside.


  • The upper part is breathable
  • Are light in weight thus ease in movement
  • Equipped with a Goga mix high rebound sole
  • Midsole equipped with the highly responsive 5Gen cushioning


  • The toe box is a bit narrow
  • Sole not very flexible

Final thought

Apart from a shoe being functional, it should also promote your health, the human body has three main body parts that need to be preserved, and that is the brain, the backbone, and the feet. And in any case that your feet are not happy, then the remaining upper part of your body will also strain.

Healthcare professionals need a special type of shoe that can contend with their busy schedules while offering comfort and stability. Therefore, the shoes reviewed above can all suffice; you just have to choose your style.

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