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Fix heel slippage in leather boots 

It’s so annoying and embarrassing when you’re walking around in your new boots and they keep slipping off. This can be dangerous especially if you’re at your job site on rough and sticky terrain and live wires all around you. You can learn how to fix heel slippage in leather boots and avoid unfortunate accidents.

It’s completely normal to have a small amount of heel slippage, especially if your boots are new, but after wearing them for a while the outsole becomes flexible and the heel lifting disappears automatically after a few days. Sometimes it can become a serious issue that requires you to know how to fix heel slippage in leather boots and prevent the discomfort in your feet.

What is heel slippage in boots?

This is the discomfort you feel when your feet keep slipping out of your boots while you’re walking. Sometimes your feet can completely pop out leaving your boots behind and this is very common especially with new boots that haven’t been broken in yet. Initially, new shoes are stiff and an outsole that doesn’t flex with your feet, but after breaking in the shoes they start to flex with your feet movements and this helps to reduce your heel slippage.

However, if the slipping persists, here are a few strategies that can help you out.

How to fix heel slippage in leather boots

Select right size boots

While this may be an obvious point, most people tend to ignore it when you’re shopping for your leather boots. Avoid buying boots that are too small just because you want to keep your feet in place at the expense of crushing your toes. Instead, get boots that have the correct width, length, and overall fitting for your feet size. Remember, your feet size changes with age and time of day, so after 3 months get your feet measured before buying new shoes. And the best time to go shopping for shoes is either late in the morning or evening when your feet have expanded enough. If you have wide or narrow feet, get shoes that are specifically designed for your feet.

Lace locking

Tightening your shoelaces help to keep your ankles in place and reduce heel slippage, but don’t make them too tight that your boots become uncomfortable. The laces also help to provide extra support. You can try out 2 methods of lacing that include that rabbit hole method and the hiking boot method that you can get on YouTube to find demonstrative videos showing you the technique. Try each method to see which one helps to keep your heel from slipping and keeps your feet comfortable when you’re walking or running.

Use shoestix

This is an anti-slip gel shoe tongue pad that prevents your heel from coming out of your boots frequently. It’s very easy to install in your heel counter and is washable and reusable. It prevents your shoes from rubbing your heels by keeping your heel securely inside the heel counter hence reducing blisters and other foot problems.

Installing lace anchors

Shoelaces sometimes tend to get lost now and then, one minute they’re tight and after walking a few meters that become lost. Instead of relying on this old method of tying, you can put lace anchors where you only need to pull the laces once and you don’t need to tighten the laces again and this helps to avoid putting more tension on the top of your feet.

Heel grips or heel liners

A heel grip or heel liner helps to prevent your boots and heels heel from slipping by increasing your comfort and cushioning when walking or running. They fit perfectly in all kinds and sizes of boots, shoes, and heels and because they’re made with soft leather material, they won’t cause blisters or ankle chafing while you’re walking. You just attach the heel grips to the back of your heels.

Non-slip socks

Your normal socks are made with a soft outer surface which makes it easy to slip into your shoes, but you should consider getting non-slip socks if you like wearing your boots and your heels keep slipping out. These socks are nubby and tough on the outside which helps them to comfortably stick to the inner lining of your boots. This keeps your heel in place and keeps your feet comfortable.

Hair spray

This is a simple, quick, and easy method, but it’s only effective for a short time. Spraying a bit of hair spray will help your feet and shoes stick to each other while walking. The only condition to this method is you spray your bare feet with hairspray and not on your socks or it won’t be effective.

Change your walking style

Your walking style can also contribute to the heel slippage in your boots. This mostly occurs when you walk into the middle of your foot or ball area. Instead, learn how to walk on your heels so that your heels touch the ground first.

Double-sided tape

This isn’t a very convenient way of preventing heel slippage, but it’s a technique used by many celebrities. It’s a cheap and quick way to solve this problem, but it’s only temporary because once your feet start to sweat, the tape loses its stickiness. So if you plan on using this method have a roll of double-tape around.

Use a boot dryer

This is one of the best ways of preventing your boots from slipping as it keeps them dry from the inside. However, if you use the boot drier regularly, it can cause your boot material to deteriorate. Use the boot drier with caution.


Heel slippage can be a very irritating problem, but one you can avoid by taking a few precautions and putting in some effort by learning how to fix heel slippage in leather boots. The constant friction caused can lead to the formation of blisters or serious wounds and if you wear such boots to your workplace where you’re surrounded by tools and machinery, you could easily fall if you’re wearing slippery boots. To prevent such problems, try one of the methods and see which one helps you.

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