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Can You Dry Shoes In The Dryer?

If you have experienced the horrifying experience of having wet shoes and not knowing when they will dry off, you might have considered using a dyer to ease your woes. Well, using a dryer to dry off your shoes is not a simple solution. Clothes and shoes are made up of different materials, and this different accentuates when you use a dryer to dry your shoes. Still, it is quite possible to use the dryer to dry your shoes.

There are just some precautionary steps that you have to take before you venture out on this task. These steps will save you time as you would not have to wait for long, tedious hours for your shoes to become wearable. Drying shoes in the dryer will also help people living in cold countries when they soil their shoes.

What Precautionary Steps Do You Have To Take Before You Wash Your Shoes In The Dryer?

Before you chuck in all the shoes that you have wanted to wash inside the dryer, there are some things to consider. Not all shoes, like shoes made up of animal fabrics, will react the same way inside the dyer. For example, if you wanted to dry your suede or leather shoes inside a dryer, it would dry out and crack. Without proper knowledge about the handling of shoes, you can damage the shoes in no time.

Shoes are tough to maintain, and one of the most significant reasons why you have to change your shoes regularly is that you do not have proper knowledge regarding how to take care of it. Cleaning and drying the shoes properly increases their life span, but not all have the same cleaning process. Shoes differ in their fabric, quality, make, and shape. The cleaning process is also determined by the amount of accumulated by the shoe. Anybody who is a bit adventurous will have stories of dirty sneakers or converse that refuses to get clean. These difficulties can be overcome with proper knowledge.

You should read the labels that come with the shoes which will explain to you if those shoes are safe to use in the washer and dryer. Also, the type of shoe will determine what kinds of cleaners or soaps you can use to get rid of the dirt. Thus, the precautionary steps can be summarised as follows:

  • Check the make and mold of tissue.
  • Read the label that comes with the shoe carefully.
  • Make sure to purchase the correct cleaning products to clean the shoe to avoid problems while drying them.
  • Removable insoles from the shoes must be taken out before drying to avoid wrapping.
  • Clean the shoes carefully before tossing them in the dryer
  • Purchase a dryer from a trusted brand.

Steps To Follow To Dry Your Shoes In The Dyer:

Make Sure That You Have Understood The Literature On The Tag That Comes With The Shoes

If you are unsure about the material of the shoe, make sure to ask someone or the shop that you brought it from. The most comfortable shoes that can be dried in a dryer are made up of cotton. Even synthetic fabric shoes that come without gelled or hard soles are good options. Athletic shoes with gel-core or gore-tex shoes must be avoided at all costs and not washed in the washing machine. As mentioned time and again, you must never dry out your leather shoes as the heat will destroy the shoes beyond repair as it will shrink and damage the soles of the shoes. Use the normal method of drying.

Thoroughly Clean The Shoes Using Proper Cleaners

Warm water, along with mild detergent, is the perfect remedy for dirty shoes. You can use a garden hose or just toss them in the washing machine to get rid of the dirt. Before chucking them in the washing machine, make a safety net by the use of towels so that the shoes are not damaged. If the dirt has dried up on the shoes, wet it properly to fasten the process of cleaning.

Clean All The Lint Off The Shoes

Remove all the lint accumulated by the shoe with the use of the lint filter. Almost all drivers will have this feature. This is an essential step as it improves air circulation inside the dryer, making it easier for the machine to work.

Select Small Size Towels And Rags That Can Be Stuffed Inside Each Shoe

Prevent your shoes from shrinking and stretching by this step. It will also absorb some of the moisture and help maintain the shape of the shoe during the drying process.

Make Sure The Temperature Is Correct

Blasting of the heat to fasten the process will not help you. Make sure that the temperature of the dryer is low—the rubber of the shoe when overheated gets easily damaged.

Untie The Shoelaces Before You Put Them In The Dryer

A more even drying is ensured by this process.

The Dyers Should Be Filled With Towels

Fill the dryer with large towels to speed up the drying process. This will also minimize the cacophony that is most associated with the drying of shoes.

Loop The Laces Of The Shoes

Make sure that a portion of the laces is outside. This will help with the awful noise that is associated with drying off shoes in the dyer. Next, shut the door firmly before you put the shoes inside. The toes of the shoes are up with the sole lying against the inner side it the door of the dyer. After you have done this, just set the dyer on a low or medium cycle and get dry shoes at your disposal in no time.


Thus, it is quite feasible to dry your shoes in a dryer. It is fast and effective, but it is mostly for drying off the shoes that you wear every day like sneakers or converse. Fancy shoes made with leather should be avoided at all costs. You will see that some suitable quality dryers come with a drying shelf that allows you to dry the shoes with the help of the warm air that comes from the dryer without having to place them inside it. If you do not have such a dryer, then fret not, just follow the steps given above to get the results that you seek. Just be careful regarding the heat settings and keep the laces outside lest they get stuck. Keep a sharp eye on the shoes to make sure that you are not overdoing the process. Follow the steps prescribed above carefully, and you will have dry shoes in no time at all.

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