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Adidas vs Nike Sizing: What is your perfect size?

If you’re going to buy a new pair of sports shoes at the shoe store online, you’ll want to make sure that you get the right fit. Nike and Adidas are some of the most popular shoe brands that you can wear sports shoes and casual wear, and this Adidas vs. Nike sizing article will help you choose your perfect sizing.

If you’re thinking of switching from one to the other and you’re already sold on its design and quality, sizing is an essential factor and one that can be tricky when dealing with size conversions. You can get help from the manufacturer on sizing and general fitting so you can get your perfect fit. Both shoe brands provide generic size charts for men, women, and children with conversions from inches to centimeters into U.S. shoe sizes.

Differences between Adidas and Nike sizing

Adidas shoes Nike shoes
Shoe quality Ranked first Ranked second
Shoe size chart Runs true to size Runs half a size smaller
Sole materials Uses compressed and molded pallets Rubber outsole with different sole patterns for better traction
Comfort Full-length midsole New technology for the midsole and inner cushioning
Shoe design Don’t have cool and stylish designs Appealing shoe design and variety of styles and colors
Weight Versatile light shoes with excellent arch support, cushioning, breathability, and flexibility Lightweight with better cushioning than Adidas
Check prices Check prices

Adidas vs. Nike Sizing: What makes them different?

These are two international sports shoe brands that have unique features that make the shoes perfect for different reasons. If you pay very close attention, you will notice visible differences in their style, comfort, value, and pricing.

Shoe quality

Both Nike and Adidas are popular shoes globally, but Nike is ranked first while Adidas is second. However, it’s not easy to determine which has more value than the other because they both fulfill their purpose in the field of sports. Most people have both Nike and Adidas in their sports shoe collection, but if you compare them concerning which one uses more advanced technology, Adidas is of better quality than Nike. However, they both produce quality shoes in their field of expertise like Adidas shoes are better for soccer than Nike, and Nike’s running shoes are of better quality than Adidas.

Shoe size chart

Different shoe manufacturers have various shoe size charts depending on where they’re located. This is the same with Adidas and Nike, the shoe size chart for Adidas is very different with that of Nike being that one is based in Germany and the other in the U.S. The centimeter sizing for Adidas has a half a centimeter difference with that of Nike in its progressing linear. For example, Adidas size six men’s shoes in the Adidas shoe size chart is a size 6.5 Nike men’s shoe according to the Nike shoe size chart. This is the reason why you must measure your feet to get perfect measurements for your full shoe size.

Sole materials

Nike shoes are usually made of a rubber outsole with different sole patterns that help to give you more traction on various floor surfaces. This is very useful for athletes when running on different terrains or the basketball court. Adidas uses boost technology that uses compressed and molded pallets to make some of their shoes. This material also plays a big role in providing you with great comfort in Adidas shoes.


The comfort of a shoe is how well the shoes fit you, so if a shoe has a stunning design, that doesn’t mean it will be comfortable to wear. It has to have the perfect fit with no friction or rubbing and able to provide enough arch support for your feet. Most people find Adidas shoes super comfortable to the extent that you can use them for your daily use. This is because of their full-length midsole that provides support for your entire body. Nike isn’t left behind with new technology in its midsoles and inner cushioning that guarantees to provide you with excellent comfort apart from its shoe size.

Shoe design

Nike shoes are popular, especially among the millennials, because of their appealing shoe design and their variety of styles and colors, which gives you many products to choose from. Adidas shoes may not have cool and stylish designs, but they’re considered to have very comfortable designs for both men and women.

Weight of the shoes

The boost technology used in Adidas shoes makes them versatile, which means you can use them for sports activities and also for everyday wear. This makes the shoe light and also gives them excellent arch support, cushioning, breathability, and flexibility. On the other hand, some Nike shoes are lightweight, but their cushioning can’t match that of Adidas.

Adidas shoes sizing


Many people around the world wear Adidas shoes from the industrial workers to the athletes, office workers, and even the children. However, most wearers are concerned if the shoes will properly fit them, or will they be a little too big or too small. This concern is because most people aren’t able to select their right shoe size. Some of the shops and retailers you visit may provide you with the shoe sizes in metrics used in other different countries, and these sizes are standardized in the U.K., U.S., and other European countries. They’re given in inches, centimeters, or other measuring units depending on the country of origin. This causes metric confusion, especially if you’re shopping online because you’re not sure if the shoes will be the right fit.

When it comes to shoe fitting abilities, most customers give over 80% rating for Adidas shoes. Many customers with wide feet find it hard to get that can fit them, and Adidas has created shoe allowances, especially for people with broad feet for more comfort, so if you’re a size nine, you can still wear a size 9.5 and still be comfortable. You also get allowances on broader feet and the right size on leaner feet so that your shoes aren’t too big. It’s always advisable to check the Adidas shoe size charts to find your accurate size.


  • Adidas have quite an accurate shoe size charts
  • The shoes have a customer rating of over 80% for their shoe fitting abilities
  • They have allowances for people with wider and broader feet
  • Available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes


  • The metric conversions for your shoe size are confusing

Nike shoe sizing


Nike is a trendy shoe brand in the U.S. that has shoes for athletes and people of all ages. Nike shoes are designed with patented cushioning technology to give the shoes a lightweight feel and improve your comfort. Nike shoes tend to be slightly smaller than Adidas, and most of the time, you will notice that they mostly come a bit smaller in length and width. Customers with wider feet have complained of having shoes that are too tight in the middle, while others have reported the shoes fit true to size to their normal shoe size. Nike shoes have a pronounced arch, so if you have flatter feet, you will experience some discomfort, but these shoes can be perfect if you have a natural foot arch or high arch.

To get the correct shoe for your feet, it’s best to buy half a size or a full-size up, especially people with wide feet you want to get the wide model of shoes with a half size up. If you’re a foreigner, it might be challenging to convert your shoe size between the European and American sizes. Despite the significant sizing differences between Nike shoes and other shoes, most customers know that Nike shoes run small so you can get a larger size than your normal shoe size.


  • Trendy shoes in the U.S. with people of all ages
  • Designed with patented cushioning technology for comfort
  • They have a pronounced arch that is perfect for high and normal arches


  • They tend to be small in length and width than other sports shoes
  • Foreign customers find it hard to convert to other sizes


In shoes, the essential attributes are fit, and comfort and these are very personal. That is why you should make sure you get the right fit even if you’re buying the same brand and style of shoes that you already have. This Adidas vs. Nike sizing article has information that will help you in size conversions to get your correct size.


Is Nike better quality than Adidas?

When it comes to quality, originality, and price, Adidas has the upper hand over Nike. Although Nike has more endorsers and better marketing strategy, Adidas provides you with a better experience, so it’s a better lifestyle brand.

Is Nike true to size?

Nike, just like Adidas and other shoe manufacturers, uses different shoe sizes, so there’s no way you can tell if a Nike shoe is a large, small, or true size.

Are Adidas bigger than Nike?

Most people wear shoes that are bigger than them, and you may be comfortable, but in the long run, they end up being very uncomfortable. Adidas is supposed to run true to size, but Nike runs a half size smaller, so you should get a half size up your normal size.

Should sneakers be a size bigger?

Normally, running shoes should be a size bigger than your casual shoe size. During and after exercising, your feet tend to swell due to increased blood flow, so your running shoes tend to be more significant.

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