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5 of the best socks for cowboy boots in 2021

Cowboy boots have become somewhat of a trend, and there is nothing more annoying than having slipping socks when you’re trying to go about your business. So it’s best to take your time to look for the best socks for cowboy boots because socks are not all equal.

Keeping your feet comfortable as you wear your cowboy boots isn’t as easy as it sounds. Spending a long day on the trails or in the arena can take a toll on your feet, but a pair of quality socks for cowboy boots can make a huge difference. Socks come in different brands and varieties, so you need to look for the right pair for your needs carefully.

Features to look for when buying socks for cowboy boots


No matter how clean you are, your feet will eventually sweat, especially if they’ve been in warm boots all day. If you wear socks that can’t wick away the moisture from your feet, it will lead to foot odor and irritation. Most socks are made with a combination of various fibers, and some are better at keeping moisture away from your feet than others.


Very good at trapping moisture, but not good at releasing it, which can lead to odor and irritation because the sweat gets absorbed and doesn’t easily evaporate. This isn’t a perfect choice to wear with boots, but most times, cotton is blended with other fibers that help to release the moisture absorbed.


A versatile, reasonably inexpensive fabric that dries quite fast so it can keep away moisture, but it doesn’t have the absorbency of wool. This can be a good choice for your socks.

Merino wool.

Wool has soft and fine fibers that don’t make you itch and are very good at trapping moisture to keep your feet fresh and dry. It’s not easy to find a hole in wool, and it can prevent odor and bacteria, which makes it perfect for changing seasons.


This material isn’t very good at wicking moisture, but it has excellent absorbency. It’s mostly mixed with other fabrics to make them more durable and more reliable.

Elastane, spandex, and lycra.

These materials have stretching qualities which will help in keeping your socks in place and provide comprehensive support for your feet and legs. These make a better fit for your socks.


The quality of your socks will help determine how long your socks will last. A good pair of cowboy socks should last for about 6-12 months. You should do a personal quality check by checking the material, brand, thickness, and comfort that all indicate the quality of the socks.


Socks made of quality material and proper cushioning provide you with the extra comfort for your feet. It also helps to enhance arch support, thus helping to prevent fatigue, aches, and pains at the end of a long day in cowboy boots. Seamless toe is an important feature that will help in stopping the rubbing on your pressure points, which will keep blisters away. Don’t get socks that are too thick as they will reduce the amount of room in the boots, making them tight, which can lead to blisters.

Socks length

The socks’ length is significant when wearing cowboy boots. You don’t want to make the mistake of wearing a little pair of socks that will keep falling. The socks will settle around your ankles and heels, which can give you sore patches at the back of your legs. The boots had rubbed on your calves, leaving your heels raw, irritated, and with blisters. The best socks for cowboy boots should be long enough to cover your calves to prevent chafing with the top designed to stay up so that you don’t have to keep pulling them up every five minutes. Some socks also provide extra cushioning around your legs, others ankle support to prevent fatigue, and others keep you warm when it’s cold.

Comparison table for the best socks for cowboy boots

Socks type Features Amazon link
Wrangler men’s western boot socks Half cushion and padded foot, moisture-wicking, stay-up top, reinforced heel and toe Amazon
Ariat men’s over the calf socks Reinforced toe and heel, elastic cuff, blend of materials that are comfortable, cushioned, and stretchable. Amazon
Wolverine men’s hunter wool over the calf boot socks Thermal insulating, moisture-wicking, natural odor-resistant, embedded arch support, reinforced heel, and toe Amazon
Dan post men’s cowboy certified over the calf socks. Reinforced toe and heel, added ankle support, antimicrobial, soft-touch seam, stay-up top Amazon
Realtree girl women’s wool-blend tall boot socks Arch support, full cushion leg and foot, moisture-wicking and odor-free, stay-up top, reinforced heel and toe Amazon

Wrangler men’s western boot socks

These are budget-friendly cowboy socks that come in a three-pack that offer style, quality, and value. They’re made of 80% polyester, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex, which is a great combination that makes the socks breathable and moisture-wicking. These socks are specifically designed to provide your feet and legs with extra comfort and protection. The padded feet help to reduce the impact and improve their overall performance.

These socks are very affordable for three pairs and not to mention they provide some arch support to avoid foot fatigue, padded heel, and toes, which increases their durability, and enough elasticity to keep the tightly around your legs to avoid slipping or bunching. These socks dry fast, which keeps your feet and legs comfortable and cool. They’re machine washable.


  • Made with sturdy materials and yet very soft and light
  • Reasonably priced for three pairs of socks
  • The ribbed design at the top prevents them from slipping
  • The moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat and odor away


  • Inconsistency in sizing
  • Different colors have different qualities


These socks have moisture-wicking properties that will keep your feet dry and comfortable while the half cushion foot adds to your comfort and support.

Ariat men’s over the calf socks

These socks will keep you comfortable as you go about your business, and they come in three pairs. They’re made from a blend of different fabrics that include 50% cotton, 40% polyester, 8% nylon, and 2% spandex. These materials are stretchable, hard wear, comfortable, and cushioned. The socks will not rub against your skin, so you don’t have to worry about getting blisters or feeling itchy.

Your calf muscles and ankles have added comfort and protection while the reinforced heels and toes add to your comfort and improve your performance. The elastic cuff at the top will help to keep the socks in place when you’re moving around, working, or playing. You can toss these socks in the washing machine, but don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean them.


  • Very comfortable with a good fitting
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • The reinforced heel and toe extends the lifespan of the socks
  • The blend of fabrics adds to your comfort and protection


  • Can be a bit too tight over your legs
  • Might not stretch a lot


These are very comfortable and protective socks that will keep your feet happy and comfortable throughout so you don’t have to worry about blisters or irritation.

Wolverine men’s hunter wool over the calf boot socks

These socks are perfect for your western cowboy boots and can fit foot sizes between9-13. They’re made with 68% acrylic, 20% merino wool, 11% nylon, and 1% spandex. They’re available in 2 designs, gray with red accents and gray with black accents. The stay-up ribbed top helps to keep the socks up, and in place so you don’t have to keep pulling them up every few minutes. These socks have thermal insulation to keep your feet warm when it’s cold, and the wool is naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, so your feet will stay dry free from odor and protected from odor-causing germs.

The heel and toe protection and the full cushion protection on the foot of the socks ensure that you’re comfortable and increase the durability of the socks. The embedded arch support and the smooth toe seams provide you with the necessary support your feet need when you’re on your feet, which helps to prevent foot fatigue after a long day.


  • The extra cushioning at the sole adds to your comfort
  • They don’t make your legs itch
  • The natural wool blend helps to keep your feet warm


  • They don’t go over your calf
  • They don’t stay up for long


These socks have a natural wool blend that helps to keeps away moisture so your’re feet stay cool and dry and antimicrobial to keep away odor-causing microbes. They provide you with extra cushioning at the soles of your feet to keep you comfortable and increase their lifespan.

Dan post men’s cowboy certified over the calf socks.

These socks are designed for cowboys or cowgirls who are active on the saddle, riding, and roping. They’re made from yarn that is spun in the US, and this material consists of 80% ring-spun cotton, 17% sorbet, and 3% lycra. The sorbet evaporates the moisture very fast to keep your feet and legs dry and happy. These socks are very responsive in all weather, and their moisture management allows them to adapt to changing temperatures, so your feet stay cool or warm. Their antimicrobial properties prevent odor and the growth of bacteria within.

Socks with seams at the toe can give you rashes or irritation, but these socks have a soft touch seam that protects you from rubbing and irritation. The reinforced heel and toe and the added ankle support add to your feet’s comfort and support. These are over the calf premium socks that are designed to stay in place for as long as you’re wearing them. You can machine wash these socks but don’t use fabric softeners or bleach because they can degrade the quality of the fabric, which may cause the socks to fall the next time you wear them.


  • They wick moisture away to keep your feet dry for hours
  • Very long and comfortable
  • They stay up all day and don’t fall or bunch up
  • They keep your feet warm or cool depending on the temperatures outside


  • Maybe small if you have large feet
  • On extra hot days, you may feel sweaty


Premium over the calf socks that can adapt to the changing temperatures to keep your feet warm or cool. They’re made with materials that help to wick moisture away, so your feet remain dry and comfortable.

Realtree girl women’s wool-blend tall boot socks

Since there are also cowgirls, it’s only fair that they also have socks that will keep their feet dry and comfortable when wearing their boots. You can wear these socks when you’re out camping, hiking, or hunting, and they are available in soft pale gray with pink accents. They’re made with 60% acrylic, 20% merino wool, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex. These wool-blend socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable while controlling moisture build-up so that your feet are free of odor and skin irritation.

They have an excellent stay-up design that prevents the socks from slipping or bunching up into your boots. The socks have a reinforced heel and toe with cushioned feet that increase durability, give you extra support, and ensure they’re a snug fit. The arch support helps to reduce foot fatigue and keep your feet comfortable for hours.


  • They give you a snug fit without feeling too restricted
  • Keep your feet warm and comfortable
  • The elastic keeps the socks up
  • The merino wool keeps away moisture


  • Tend to shrink after washing
  • Doesn’t provide excellent arch support


Excellent socks designed for ladies who wear cowboy boots. They’re soft and cozy, and the wool blend keeps your feet comfortable and keeps out moisture and odor.


Choosing the best socks for cowboy boots can be challenging for both men and women, but you can use these buying guides to make your work easier. Wrangler men’s western boot socks are high-quality socks that are not only comfortable to wear all day, but they also provide excellent arch support, which helps to prevent foot pain and fatigue.

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